Winning, weaning and wondering

Breaking news! I won something!

Yup, you read that right. I actually, really won something. 
After writing a post on my weakness for a competition or 6, something truly amazing happened in the shape of the blog you baby me mummy. I woke up to a lovely email and Twitter notice letting me know I was the lucky winner of a natural sponge. Now mock as you like, this is not on par to the fluffy pencils I was trying to win. That was me on a bad, gluttonous day. No this was me supporting a fello blogger while considering the bath time comfort of my Baby. I read the review and though, why not.

And won!

So apart from being the winner in a big, ahem, competition. my week that was captured went something a little like this;


Teenager was on a school inset day so I planned to take him out for lunch to a lovely coffe / wine bar in my village. We don’t get many occasions just the 2 of us (ok Baby R would have been there too but he doesn’t irritate his brother as much as Tween so that doesn’t count). He’d been away at a school trip for 3 days and I missed him. The kitchen cupboards were full, work tops clean, the wifi was fast and I didn’t fall over any skateboards, but I’d missed him. Teenager, however,  had other plans. In the shape of a battle of Clash of Clans and his Xbox. So rather than bribe, shout and/or cry. I baked, inflicting sweet revenge in what was probably one of the most disgusting tasting cakes I have ever made. It wasn’t intentional as I’m not sure what I did wrong. Maybe it reflected my pain at being sidelined by virtual world that cursed it. It’s still sitting in my kitchen as I type, testament to it’s vulgarity as cakes are lucky to last a day in the nutshell crib usually. 


I now released that Teenager hadn’t  completely rejected me, he was ill. Sometimes it’s hard deciphering the grunts from the mumbles, but I had another chance at some quality time with my boy so I baked some edible scones (yes we do really eat scones here in Devon, it’s not just for the tourists) and we spent the day chilling and watching movies by the log burner. 


After my housebound day I needed fresh air and to spend time with my Mum so we headed out for a walk then a coffee in  Osbourne’s.  I love the decor and the coffee not bad either. It’s perfect for chatting and people watching.  As it was Bonfire Night, I’d treated the older boys to toffee apples and sparklers. I wasn’t sure how Baby R would be so it was a very low key affair this year. They still enjoyed their moment of pyromania none the less.


I decided today was the day I was going to wean Baby R. He’d been showing signs for the last week, trying to eat everything in sight, grabbing every food in sight and just looking very intrigued every time anyone ate or drank. So I trotted off to Waitress, only the best for my Baby’s first food! After half an hour of pretending to be posh, I left with a bag of organic carrots, organic potatoes and a mango. I bundled Baby R into the car, remortgaged the house (to pay for my extravagant spending spree) and hurried back to steam some veg. I thought I’d give baby led weaning a try and very excitedly put Baby R in his Bumbo with some carrot sticks on the tray. Baby R had other plans though, showing more interest in the tray and bowl while flinging the carrots on the floor. I did manage to coax a few in his mouth for a photo though. 


I was supposed to take Baby R swimming today but after a 4.45am start to the day I was in no fit state to dance around a pool singing nursery rhymes. I needed cheering up and keeping awake and the only thing that could offer the both were retail therapy with copious amounts of Caffine so we headed to my favourite town of Sidmouth. Unfortunately I was incapable of making decisions so after trying on a few coats for my upcoming birthday I found the toss up between a parker and puffa too mind boggling and left with a comforter toy for Baby R in the hope he’ll sleep a little longer tomorrow. 
It didn’t work. 
With love from blustery Devon

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