Will Trutex School Uniform make it through the term?

Will Trutex School Uniform make it through the term?

Each August I try to fluff up the back to school doldrums with the excitement of buying the boys school uniform. Yet by giving them the option to choose their own is a hard lesson I’ve had to give in to over the years as they blank point refuse to wear certain styles or colours. It’s actually really hard keeping up with what’s in and what’s out these days, a stark reminder that I’m not the down with the kids, cool mum I always aspired to be.

But as I’m holding the purse strings I have some control to make sure I hand over my hard-earned cash for goods which are going to

  • a – Fit
  • b – wash well
  • c- not need require ironing. ( I have a serious ironing resistance, I’ll put my hands up)
  • d – can withstand an hour’s rugby/football/general teenage rough-housing a day

Not too much to ask for really is it?

So come this September, I’ll be sending my pre teen off on his merry way fully kitted out in Trutex school uniform,  for what will probably be their toughest challenge yet. Being the middle child, he was strangely excited about trying it all on when it arrived. A lifetime of hand me downs I guess. And together we scrutinised a pair of trousers, 2 shirts and blazer.

 The Trousers

First off, he was quite impressed with the lining of the trousers. Very smart, formal looking and luckily, an adjustable elastic to bring in the waist. A must with my skinny little dude who hates belts. He also commented on the 3 pockets, one of which had an extra side zip to keep rubbers and pencil sharpeners from falling out.

reviewing the Trutex range of kids school uniform, ready for the next new term

reviewing the Trutex range of kids school uniform, ready for the next new term

School Uniform Staple – The Blazer

Now Blazers are a slight bone of contention in our house, they’re not cheap but rarely seem to last the school year. I’m not talking size wise here, I’m on about wear and tear. Now I appreciate that my boys spend their break times being active, but if you could see the state of them after a term you’d appreciate my angst.

By the final month of the Teenager’s school year, it was ripped in every place imaginable. Knowing how fed up I get with repair stitch jobs (and how bad I am at sowing) he even tried stapling it together! We’re talking arms hanging off and full splits up the back.

So rather than go for the standard school issue, I’m giving the Trutex blazer a try this year. It means we’ll have to remove the school badge from his old one as you can’t buy them separately, but luckily there’s a small zip access for embroidery.

reviewing the Trutex range of kids school uniform, ready for the next new term

I chose this blazer  over the contemporary style as  it’s manufactured using  re-vive blazer fabric.

This innovative fabric is made from certified 100% recycled post consumer polyester yarns.

I have absolutely no idea what that means (I’ve quoted it from their website) but with a ‘made to last’ promise, I’m also doing my bit for the planet.

I should also add that the Tween liked the 2 internal zip pockets as he tends to keep pens on him rather than keep reaching for a pencil-case, the mobile phone pocket comes in handy for obvious reasons!

reviewing the Trutex range of kids school uniform, ready for the next new term

The thing which really sold it to me though, was the side splits rather than one centre split. This is where the first signs of damage has always appeared. Fingers crossed we avoid that this time.

reviewing the Trutex range of kids school uniform, ready for the next new term

Shirts – Cheap v’s Quality

Last but not least, and to complete our Trutex school uniform tick list, we have a long sleeve, poly cotton easy care shirt. A non iron shirt in basic terms! Now here’s where I’m stepping into the unknown. In the past I’ve gone cheap and cheerful with the notion of replacing when they look worn.

This has actually proved to be complete false economy as I’ve had to replace them so often, in hindsight I should have gone for quality over quantity. Aside from the stray threads around seem, they’ve ripped at the arms, the pockets have fallen off and despite saying non iron, they’ve been anything but.

The difference in quality over last term’s shirt collection is seen straight away. We’re a week’s use, that’s 4 washes in, and so far so good. And if hung up straight from the drier, requires no ironing.

So am I a Trutex school uniform convert?

Will I be staying away from supermarket cheapies?

Do I have the confidence these will last a school year, pending no over zealous growth spurts?

On first impressions, yes.

Time will be the telling here, so I will pop back in a month’s time with an update.


We have been sent the mentioned items in return for an honest review. All words and photographs are my own unless quoted.



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  1. 17th July 2016 / 1:38 pm

    What a handsome lad. Great looking school uniform but I’m hoping for a relaxing 6 weeks before I have to think about it. My chances are probably slim though ….

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