Party games – Wicked Wednesday

You know what I said last week about not wanting to ridicule my family on Wicked Wednesday with it being close to Christmas, well I changed my mind.

I took this photo of my sister during the After Eight game a few Christmases ago. For those of you who are wondering what the ding dong is the After Eight game, it basically involves resting an After dinner chocolate mint in your forehead and using your facial muscles and slight head movements to get it to move to your mouth, no hands allowed!  It’s even better with the heating turned up so it melts slightly.
I’ve tried to festive this photo up in the hope she’ll feel all warm and fuzzy and forgive me during this season of goodwill, by sticking a winter themed frame and Christmas colours on it.


Sorry, sis but it makes me laugh everytime
With love from lovely Devon

This post was in no way sponsored by After Eight and other after dinner mints are available! (Usually in a budget store and tasting like they’ve been at the back of a cupboard too long. )



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