This Is Why You Need A Mid Morning Snack

This Is Why You Need A Mid Morning Snack

Its been a while since I’ve been in an office but that doesn’t stop me craving a mid morning snack. The days when I was bound to a desk, the moment when I could get up, stretch my legs and take 5 minutes out for elevenses were the high light of my morning and it’s no different now.

I plan my routine around that stopping point where I fire up the coffee machine and sit down for bite to eat. Even on the most crazy busy days I always allow the golden 10 minutes sit down annnnnnnnnnd relax. More often than not it’s a cake, this week it’s a caramel wafer / waffle biscuit and when I’m feeling good and in need of something a little healthier I whip up a batch of my granola and marmalade muffins  or Chocolate oat squares .

I’ve been doing some digging around to see if my elevenses craving is habit or of there’s a real reason as to why I need sustenance at this time every day. And I found out that you do in fact need a calorie boost around this time, usually 2 -3 hours after breakfast, to maintain your metabolism and to keep your blood sugar level to avoid a mid-morning slump.

Research has also shown that by eating a mid morning snack you’re more likely to eat less at lunch time aiding anyone following a little and often diet. And by not having a huge lunch you’re less likely to experience that post lunch fatigued as your body works hard to break down your food.

Also a pre lunch slump can be prevented by a protein rich snack and if you’re looking for some inspiration why not check out the ebook of elevenses recipes in the link below. I’m going to penciling in a few baking sessions this week and they all look a sight lot more appealing that the stale biscuits the teenager has kindly left me after his latest growth spurt binge.

Elevenses in the offices ebook available to download here



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