Why I Think Childhood Should Be A Time Of Innocence

Why I Think Childhood Should Be A Time Of Innocence

It’s been an eventful week with the Wee Little One.

Full of firsts and lasts, ups and downs and more emotions than I would have liked. But the Toddler has kept us amused, entertained and pulled us from the brink of any misery or doom and gloom.

He’s good like that.

It’s so hard not to see the happy side of life when you have a cheesy broad grin beckoning you to return the favour. I’ve always  striven to make sure my kids have the happiest childhood possible, shielding them from the bad times. It’s not a lifestyle choice for everyone, I know, but for me childhood is a time of innocence, to enjoy the simpler side of life and not worry about a thing.

There’s plenty of time to deal with the rubbish life throws at you once you grow up.

I know my boys are very lucky and for some it’s not the case, you can’t always protect them. The truth is that sometimes I have to work hard to pretend things are fine when reality is anything but. My reason being is that I’m so aware children don’t have the benefit of hindsight to reassure a worried mind that things will turn out alright in the end, that’s a skill which comes with age and experience. neither of which they have.

So I stand by my belief that childhood should be a time of innocence, full of happy times, memories and carefree days as there’s nothing sweeter than the giggles and smiles of a happy child. It’s a two-way thing, my kids are happy, I’m happy.

We’re all happy.

And when life does throw them lemons, they have happy memories to fall back on and give them hind sight that life will get better again.

Should childhood be a time of pure innocence. Where they're shielded from negativity and sad times?