What’s on your tots plate?

What’s on your tots plate?

Have you ever got to the end of the day and wondered if your toddler has eaten enough? I speak from experience of bringing up 3 toddlers over the years when I say that is probably one of the biggest worries as a parent. All three of my boys have been little and often eaters making it really hard-working out if they’ve managed all of their main food groups along with the required vitamins and minerals.

I think I did ok as my older two are relatively healthy (although my middle son is currently on a sugar binge which is having a really negative effect on his skin but I’ve very little control over what he eats during the day or weekends so it’s a loosing battle.)

Which leave my last little 2-year-old snack loving son. His current favourite thing to do is ask for food only to take 1 or 2 bites and refuse the rest. Not good. But recently I’ve been totting up everything he’s eaten using a Tot It Up  food tracker which takes the worry and working out away.

It’s really quick to set up and even quicker to see a run down of how your toddler has eaten. Once you’ve navigated your way around the different foods, it’s quite simple to see a complete round-up of how you’ve managed that day. I was quite shocked how far behind the recommended daily amount after my first day of using it which really helped to plan the rest of my son’s weekly menus.

If you’re intrigued how much your child is eating then why not take the The Tot It Challenge? It aims to encourage 1000 mums to try out the Tot It Up food tracker, which will help build the biggest picture of toddler eating habits and activity nationwide.  Understanding habits will help shape future advice to support families.  We know that other mums are inspired by you, so we would like you to encourage mums to get involved, so that we can further understand habits.

All the people who sign up and have a go will be in with a chance of  winning 1 of 10 £50 love2shop.co.uk shopping vouchers.  Entrants should register at http://www.infantandtoddlerforum.org/tot-it-up-loginand complete at least one day’s food intake, drink and activity (that is at least one day’s breakfast, mid-day meal, evening meal, snacks, drinks and activity).  The competition closes on the 21st November 2016.


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