What Would Be Your Ultimate Cadbury Chocolate Bar?

What Would Be Your Ultimate Cadbury Chocolate Bar?

Calling all chocolate fans, here’s your chance to craft the ultimate chocolate bar. I’m serious, Cadbury fans can head over cadburyinventor.com where they can pick from a huge range of tasty ingredients which will be added to Cadbury Dairy Milk to create their dream bar.

There’s over a whopping 90,000 different combinations to choose from rose, peppermint tea, caramel, gooey brownie, crazy popping candy, spicy chilli, tangy orange, fiery mustard, crunchy cashews, shall I go on? It’s so easy, you simply choose up to three from the different categories, name their bar and explain a bit about what inspired their creation and off it goes to a judging process where 3 finalists will be selected on taste and creativity. 

They then have the opportunity to visit Cadbury’s Chocolate Centre of Excellence in Bournville, the home of Cadbury, where they will work with chocolate experts to experiment with their creations and make their bar a reality. All three bars will then be available for fans everywhere to try out in 2019 where the UK will be able to vote and purchase their favourite creation to decide which of the finalists will be crowned the ultimate Cadbury Inventor who will receive a year’s supply of their delicious creation!

I’ve already created my bar over on the website, procrastinating over what I’d choose for way too long. I  never realised how seriously I took my chocolate, some serious thinking went on over there, believe me.

What's your ultimate chocolate bar? Cadburys are giving you the opportunity to creat your dream chocolate bar, what will you choose?

At first, I thought I’d go all out adventures with a healthy kick with basil, peppermint tea and fruit but when I tried imagining what that would taste like, it just didn’t gel. Then the raspberry fudge caught my eye, taking me back to a conversation I had over chocolate at the weekend, yet I couldn’t decide on the 2 remaining additions. (see I told you I’d take this whole chocolate creation thing very seriously.)

Then while I took a break from the deep, chocolate thinking rabbit hole I’d fallen down, it hit me. I love chocolate and after all the chaos of the week is finally over, where would I most like to sit down and enjoy my very own expertly created bar of Cadbury chocolate?

And, where would I like to help send other people’s imaginations to when they’re taking 5 minutes out of the daily grind?

Chilling in the garden on a sunny Sunday morning drinking coffee, thinking about the day ahead.

My inspiration was my happy place. (link to my Instagram post of garden & blurb about what I’d choose )

So Sunday Morning Bliss; a place where you can stop the world to think about what’s been and what’s to come, where rose, coffee and yoghurt berry granola come together in one delicious milk chocolate bar.

Would you? Or could you come up with something more indulgent and taste bud tantalising? Give it a go, I’d love to know your creations over on my Facebook post (link to post)

To enter your Cadbury Inventor creation visit www.cadburyinventor.com or visit www.facebook.com/cadburyuk for more details. 


This is a collaborative, sponsored post with Cadbury Uk

What's your ultimate chocolate bar? Cadburys are giving you the opportunity to creat your dream chocolate bar, what will you choose?

 ** The competition closes on 31st July **



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