What to do if a vegan is coming to dinner

What to do if a vegan is coming to dinner

There may have been a time, many moons ago, when having a vegan over for dinner was almost unheard of. Vegans were perceived as hippies, extremists, people who wanted to be off grid, and separate themselves from society or just cause trouble. Clearly this was a skewed view, but happily that way of thinking is mostly in the past now. Nowadays, the vegans are here in force  and over half a million of them occupy the UK according to a study conducted last year. Having a selective diet is just not that out of the ordinary I’m sure you can name one or 5 vegetarians, flexitarians, pescatarians like myself,  meat free monday fans, vegans and raw vegans. 

But right now, I’m focusing on the vegan diet. Even if you don’t currently have a vegan coming over for dinner, it might be worth having some sort of backup plan for if it does happen because ‘free from’ sales show it’s getting more likely by the day! You might also want to experiment with a bit of vegan cooking yourself, because it’s nice to try something different that according to reports, is good for your body, the animals and the planet. Even a 5 day detox is worth a try now and then.

So, what do you do, if a vegan is coming for dinner?

what to do if a vegan is coming to dinner

No Need To Chuck The Meat Just Yet

A lot of people assume that vegans will walk back out the door at the first hint of meat, but this simply isn’t the case. Everyone is different and some may find it more difficult than others, it all depends on their approach to veganism and their approach to being around meat eaters. The best way to approach it is with sensitivity you would afford any guest. Sure they would love for everyone to eat vegan at your dinner party, but if that is too far a stretch for you, some basic adjustments will likely do just fine. Try to:

  • Have the meat covered or carved out of sight if possible
  • Keep the meat away from the vegan items of food
  • Keep the meat cooking smells to a minimum as much as you can, AKA keep the kitchen door closed

Ask Them

A lot of people think a vegan will be offended if asked about what they can and can’t eat. In fact, anyone with specific dietary requirements is likely to be happy to specify, to avoid an awkward presentation of food they can’t eat in front of a table full of people.

Do Your Own Research

It is so easy to buy vegan ingredients now, even a little research online will show you how easy it is for you to find vegan ingredients in all major supermarkets, and on the high street. There are also countless vegan recipes listed online and lots of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.



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