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Updating your kitchen on a budget

Updating your kitchen on a budget

Whether you own your property or you’re renting, the kitchen is still considered the heart of every home. It’s where we cook, socialise, where we catch up on each other’s day as well as eat. It’s also my go-to spot for Instagram videos!  Putting it simply, they get a battering.

But not everyone has the budget, the time or even the permission to completely renovate their kitchen, but you can revamp it with just a few simple changes.

The lighting

When was the last time you had a new light fixture? Has it ever been changed? If the lighting is a little dull and dingy, then now is the time to switch it up. You don’t have to spend a fortune either; it’s incredible how instantly a kitchen can change with a simple swap. You can find some lighting inspiration here. From beautiful pendant lights to something a little more glam, you can make the lighting the focal point of the room.

If your kitchen needs more than one light fitting, the consider switching to LED bulbs too. They last longer and throw off better lighting – so no more cooking in the dark!

Get some new kitchen hardware

You could look to replacing kitchen cupboard doors and countertops, without having to go for a full refit. If you’re on a really tight budget though, you’ll be surprised at the difference a lick of paint can make. You’ll need to use a primer to make sure it lasts and holds properly. It’s your chance to go for a completely different colour scheme, something bright and bold like a letterbox red or deep sea green or more muted tones like duck egg blue, or a light sage tone.

To really complete the look, replace all the handles and drawer pulls – you’ll be amazed at how cheaply you can pick up hardware. It’ll look like a new kitchen.

Add some more storage

Many of us complain about the lack of storage in our kitchens, so why not kill two birds with one stone? By adding a few rustic shelves to compensate for the lack of storage, you’ll make your space look drastically different. Shelves are cheap to buy and relatively easy to install too – you could have this done in a weekend!

tips for updating a kitchen on a budget

Dress your windows

Got a kitchen blind that’s seen better days? Window dressings are a quick and budget-friendly way to instantly update your kitchen space. Whether you go for something stylish like a roman shade, or something more traditional like a roller blind – blinds and shades are available in so many different colours, materials and styles, you’ll be spoilt for choice – without breaking the bank!

New appliances

Updating your kitchen appliances is a quick and easy way to make a change in your kitchen! So say goodbye to those boring white goods and introduce a little colour and style into your kitchen with just a new kettle or toaster.


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