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Updating The Tween’s Bedroom

Updating The Tween’s Bedroom

Ever wish you were one of those people who starts a DIY  job and actually finishes it? Yeah me too. (High five if you are one) I’m a planner, I have the vision, I do the ground work, buy the goods and get going.

The problem, however, is that if I don’t finish it in one day I loose my motivation and convince myself that it’ll be fine to take a day off, and another and so forth until I’ve got so use to said unfinished room that I see no sense in changing it. It’s a bloody annoying trait which I put my hands up and hang my head in shame to.

That leads me seamlessly into to my confession that I’ve only just got round to finishing my Tween’s bedroom, nearly 3 years after starting it! It’s simply been a case of neither my boy or I being able to make our minds up about what we should do.


But happy days! It’s finally complete and here is is, the finished piece; a bedroom fit for a boy stuck in the crux of child and teenager; a place to chill after school, do his homework, play his Playstation and get some much needed zzzz’s.

We’ve continued the grey theme which runs through out the house and found the perfect skateboard bedding from Dunelm Mill which perfectly compliments the grey vertical blinds from Order Blinds . They give a fresh feel to the room along which much needed privacy and the added bonus of no loop cords which are a huge no no which a toddler, check out this safety campaign video to see why this is so important to me (who often sneaks into his brothers rooms to bounce on their beds!)

We had wooden venetian blinds originally but found they weren’t great at keeping the late evening sun out, not good when your son needs to get in some sleep for school the next day. With these black out blinds and some dark grey curtains it does the job perfectly and helps keep the warmth in during the winter.

Then to inject a little colour into the room I’ve hung up some original American hockey shirts, sent over form some family in the States and a Union Jack lampshade. There’s a real UK / America theme going on which my tween loves as it reminds him of his favourite TV shows.

And finally the room is all topped off with a large skate boarder sticker which really helps pull the sporty / teen theme together. We use these in quite a few rooms of the house as they’re a really cheap way of updating a room, I find eBay the best place for choice.

And anyone with kids knows how quickly they change fads so cheap additions like this are always a good idea.

So that’s one room ticked off, and man does that feel good!


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