Tupperware and whisks.

I’m an 70’s baby, an 80’s child, a 90’s teen and one thing that has remained constant in my younger years was having Angel Delight for pudding.

I had an amazing childhood growing up in Chester and every now and then something pops into my daily life that transports me back to those carefree days. Hot dogs on a Saturday, The A Team, Flower Fairies, Luncheon meat and  Angel Delight

Memories of My Mum serving it up as a pudding in little Tupperware bowls, I can’t help feel nostalgic. I’m also wondering now how on earth managed to make 1 packet stretch between a family of 5, but I guess that was her skill, this is a woman who made one roast chicken into 4 nights worth of family meals. 

By the age of 10 we migrated south to Devon and it soon became a pudding which my brother, sister and I could make ourselves. (and stop our mum dishing up semolina.) So ideally, if distance wasn’t my enemy, I’d be reliving those moments with them right now but instead and by no means, second place, I’m creating memories with my own children.
On a dull dark autumn evening I announced to my brood, “who’d like some bubble gum Angel Delight for supper?” 
Wondering if they’d heard me right, Tween jumped up and raced to the kitchen, Teenager looked up and grunted from his phone. 

The condition was, they made it. Not one to miss an opportunity to teach some independence, these had to be the conditions.

I wondered if this had been our mums intentions, way back in the mid 80’s?
Or did we just take the initiative and make it ourselves? As she refused to take a break from her knitting.
Either way,  it’s like all my 10 year old foodie dreams have come true, bubble gum AND Angel Delight.

So back to my kitchen. Teenager decided that no amount of food was worthy of a shift from playing Clash of Clans on the sofa and not wanting to spoil the moment by yelling orders, and practicing my ‘pick your battles’ mantra, I settled for a Tween and mum moment. 
Aside from helping him measure out the milk and showing him what a whisk was, Tween prepared his pudding with the independence and ease I anticipated. 

That’s my boy! If all else fails, you’ll now be able to survive on a diet of Angel Delight and breakfast cereal once University days are upon you. 

With Teen at the helm I couldn’t help but notice the smaller serving Teenager was given, all in the duty of one up man-ship. But I guess that’s the price you pay for choosing your mobile over some brother time. 
And for letting your little brother do all the preparation! 
To really stick to the brotherly rules of engagement,  Tween had a sneaky finger dip in his brother’s. 
Tween – 2     Teenager – nil. 
Tween even released his creative side by decorating his. (With every topping he could find!) 
Teenager was given the bare bones. 
Tween –  3         Teenager  –  nil. 
The verdict was a united 
“oh my God, this is amazing!”
 If you can imagine a Hubba Bubba bubble gum that you can swallow with out feeling like you’ve damaged your internal organs for life. (Echos of the playground “don’t eat bubble gum or you’ll never poo again” still haunt me.) 
You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head.
Other than the chance to relive some childhood memories, If all else fails,  Tween will now be able to survive on a diet of Angel Delight and breakfast cereal once University days are upon him.
I’m off to hunt out some Pacer ice cream and United yoghurts.
With love from yummy Devon 

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