Trying Out A Savisto Delux Hand Blender

Trying Out A Savisto Delux Hand Blender

For years I’ve lived on a tight budget, seeking out many ways to be as thrifty as possible. As a mature student with a young family it was the only way to make sure ends were met and keep the world from the door. With long term goals of a better life for us all on the horizon I knew it was only temporary which made it an easier pill to swallow.

One of these cuts were to switch brands for budget, often supermarket own, which I soon learnt was false economy. You get what you paid for. For example, my much needed and used hand blender, at a mere snip of a £5 was testament to that.

Homemade soups were/are a winter family staple. Smoothies in the summer. The quickest, best and guaranteed way of getting fruit and veg into our diet. We needed something up to the job and sadly £5 supermarket hand blenders weren’t even in the race.

I’ve actually lost count of the amount we’re bought. We needed quality over quantity and I think we might just have found our man; a Savisto hand blender  which comes with an array of attachments (and a reassuring 2 year guarantee. )

Testing out the Savisto hand blender on smoothies, just one of my must have appliances.

Having burnt out a few motors already trying to whizz up frozen fruit smoothie I was a little apprehensive about breaking another one but the feel and build gives you a little reassurance that it should be ok, and with the ability to control the speed. (It also has a turbo for short bursts.)

I’ve also been using the whisk for mixing up cake recipes rather than digging out the whole of my food mixer and the teenager’s made some fabulous light and fluffy omelettes, his signature dish when cooking for friends. The real plus of having the extra attachments, aside form chopping onions, whisking cakes and blending smoothies is that it doesn’t take up much room. Perfect for my already crammed to the brim kitchen!

So it’s a “Yay!” for this solid, hard working hand blender, seeing us through space saving, teenage cooking sessions and eating healthy mornings and a “Noooooo” to buying cheap, false economy kitchen appliances from now on!


Testing out the Savisto hand blender on smoothies, just one of my must have appliances.


A recipe for for a caribbean smoothie recipe for a burst of vitamins and antioxidants.

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I was sent this hand blender for the purpose of this review, all words and photos are entirely my own. 


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