Trying Out The Toddlebike2, The Pre Balance Bike | Review

Trying Out The Toddlebike2, The Pre Balance Bike | Review

Learning to ride a bike is always a pinnacle moment within the bank of memories of mum and dad. I have Tween’s first wobbly attempt on camera so I can relive it over and over again, that proud mum feeling as he pushed his nerves aside and tentatively put metal to the pedal, or in this case, Clarks trainer to the rubber bike pedal.

He wasn’t one of those kids who jumped on a bike at 3 and sped off down the road with out a care in the world, it took several stop start attempts and a few years tagging behind on a trailer bike until he was finally ready to take the journey on solo. I blamed his long gangly legs, they always seemed to have a mind of his own and trying to find a bike which suited his size and his age was difficult. thrown in the fact we live in a valley surrounded by hills, any bike riding practice sessions involved a walk, with his pushing his bike along, to the nearest flat road.

Once he got the hang of it though he was off. like I said such a pinnacle moment, although in all honesty we could have got him pedalling sooner.

That was before the days of those ingenious balance bikes. I love the idea of them and have full intention of getting the toddler one as soon as he hits the right age. This is a boy built for action, who hates being still and who takes great entertainment in running up and down the length of our house. I don’t think I’m being premature in expecting great sporting achievements from my boy, and the alternative of having a lively child with no direction to channel his energetic enthusiasm doesn’t bare thinking about!

But that’s a while away, leaving us with a waiting game. Or do we?

As if luck would have it, we’ve been sent a Toddlebike 2 to test out. This bargain priced (£23.95 and available from John Lewis) pre balance bike suitable for toddlers as soon as they can confidently walk, . My little chap’s been easy on his feet for a quite a few months now so  would have been good to go at 14 months. It’s perfectly proportioned to allow him to get on and off without and help and light enough that should he take a dive, which occasionally happens when trying to dismount with shoes on (future footballer, maybe?) that his isn’t pinned to the floor.

Reviewing the Toddlebike2, the pre balance bike for toddlers

He’s not quite got the hang of sitting on the seat yet, but I think that’s more to do with his petite size than anything and being the youngest of the household he’s got quite accustomed to letting his brothers push him around the house. It kind of defeats the object in him learning to balance and push himself around but he’s getting the gist of it.

Reviewing the toddlebike2 the pre balance bike


I’m expecting great things now we’ve set him off in the right direction and with any luck he’ll be that diddy little thing tearing around on a bike while parents gasp,” wow, look at him go!”

Competitive parent, moi?

Don’t know what you’re on about.


I was sent the Toddlebike2 to test out, all words and photos are entirely my own.


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  1. 17th November 2015 / 7:57 am

    We have one too, they are great for tots confidence as a first bike #Twinklytuesday

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