Trunki ToddlePak Reins Review

Trunki ToddlePak Reins Review

Having a mobile toddler is ace. You can pop out for little trips without having to load up a buggy and out and about adventures take on a whole new meaning. We’re no longer confined to looking and listening as life whizzes by, he can now explore and investigate to his heart’s content.

What isn’t fun is having a toddler who likes to run at any given opportunity, and this one’s fast!

I have no qualms in harnessing him up for his own safety, he’s not always keen on hand holding when there are leaves to be collected, stones to throw and every gate we pass, needs to be shut. As well as giving him the freedom to explore and independence to walk just like his brothers, they also serves as an emergency trip diverter,  although he’s quite stable on his feet, there are the odd Maggie Simpson moments when he face plants.

But with me at the reins his tumbles turn into a glide as he floats back onto his feet avoiding any hand, knee or face injuries. (We’ve learnt from experience!)

Having a good quality and sturdy set which you can rely on to do the job is key to ensuring his safety and we recently found a pair which does just that. Having been through a couple of sets, one of which lasted all of 2 days before snapping, the Trunki ToddlePak reins seem the perfect answer.

reviewing the Toddlepak toddler reins, the ultimate in child safety

Coaxing a toddler with an emerging independent streak into wearing reins, is half the battle but when they’re bright and fun looking that’s not so much if a problem but our red Felix Trunki reins are fast becoming the toddler’s favourite outside wear.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact he knows that when its time to put them on, fresh air and adventure beckons or that they’re super comfortable to wear, but he goes into hyper mode, standing by the door chanting “walk roo, walk roo” which are his words for get me outside quick, (which has evolved from the routine of our daily dog walks. )

reviewing the Toddlepak toddler reins, the ultimate in child safety

Adjusting them is easily done through a series of lifting flaps and Velcro so whether he’s wearing a thick coat, puddle suit or just out in a sweater, we aren’t delaying our outside time unnecessarily.

And there are also two different ways for the responsible adult to  hold them. If you need a good, trip diverting grip there’s the traditional horsey hold, as we like to call it, or for more independent sturdy walkers there’s the one-handed loop. The latter is good for subtly keeping your toddler safe from breakaway runs and traffic.

The wide shoulder straps and chest section are a much nicer fit than other traditional strap as they don’t dig in and the mesh inner is a nice touch for wearing in warmer weather when they have less layers. I’m also a big fan of reflective clothing for children as there aren’t many pavements in my village so having the reflective strip makes gloomy days and dark afternoon walks so much more safer. I chose a bright colour for the same reason.

reviewing the creme de la creme in toddler reins, the ToddlePak by Trunki

Priced at £17.99, these are at the higher end of the toddler rein market but as I have personally found out, cheaper ones just simply don’t last, and the adage “you get what you pay for” is certainly the case here. I’m quite confident that splashing out on a more expensive and adequate rein will see you through several toddlers and give you the added peace of mind that they will do the job for which they are intended.

The ToddlePak reins by Trunki is the creme de la creme of toddler reins, find out more here


I was sent a Trunki ToddlePak to try out, as always, all words and photographs are my own

Trunki chief tester




  1. 20th January 2016 / 2:31 pm

    My son started walking about a month ago, he’s 19 months old and it is great not having to take the pram out with us now if we’re just nipping somewhere. I’ve been looking at getting him some reins so we can get out a bit more and explore, seen these and they look great. Definitely going to try these. So much better when they look interesting to the child Great review!

    • 20th January 2016 / 6:21 pm

      Thanks Lauren, I like that they look so comfortable so when he does need a little support walking it’s not uncomfortable for him.

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