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Top Ideas for Keeping a Busy Family Home Neat and Stylish

Top Ideas for Keeping a Busy Family Home Neat and Stylish

I think many of us mums wrongly believe that because we’ve got a busy family home we can’t keep it looking neat and stylish.

However, while I won’t ever be able to have that not-lived-in look that many show homes and interior design magazines have, I still like to think my home’s stylish and reasonably neat and tidy (especially in Instagram! )

“How?” I hear you cry! Well here’s my plan;

It’s All About the Storage

First, if you’re going to keep things tidy, you need ample storage that allows you to declutter at the end of the day.

Everything needs a home so it can be quickly put away when it’s not in use. For example, plastic storage boxes that fit under the kids’ beds are great for making sure toys out of the way, promptly removing any mess before they go to bed at night.

But you can also add style with your storage, using on-trend pieces that bring a statement look to your room as well as that much-needed space. 

Just take a look at the shoe storage Cox & Cox offers – who knew putting shoes away could introduce so much panache to your home?!

Get Creative with Wall Space

A huge stumbling block when you’re trying to add new features to your home is that the vast majority of cool pieces, embellished cushions and other cute accessories are a no go when you’ve got kids.

That’s why you need to use an area they can’t reach – the tops of your walls.

From cool wall art and elaborate mirrors to quirky bookshelves and statement clocks, you can really inject some style into your home without the risk of sticky fingers or the kids pulling something onto themselves.

I’ve found wall-mounted TVs a godsend, too. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever tried to polish finger marks from a TV. 

Opt for Washable Items

That white sofa looked great in the shop but after it’s been home for two months, it looks like it needs to go to the tip.

And if the fabric’s not washable, this leaves you with one option – covering up this gorgeous sofa with throws and cushions.

So always try to find sofa and cushion fabrics that are washable, so when the inevitable spillage, crayon doodle or baby sick happens, you can wash it in an instant. This is a really quick and simple way to update your colour schemes too or warm up a room for a cooler season. 

Find Items with Smooth Edges

Finally, my one last recommendation would be to find pieces that are as bump-friendly as possible. Soft, smooth and rounded edges always help reduce the risk of accidents but without detracting any style from your home. Think versatile ottomans, round pouffes and circular coffee tables.

You look at furniture from a new angle once you have children, especially those pieces at toddler head height!

Find a Tidy Up Routine Which Works For You

I’ve got into a routine of clearing everything away every evening so I have a few hours of not having to worry about stepping on a toy car or piece of Lego, before it all starts again the following day. One thing I will say, from back in the day of having every other weekend away from my kids, you actually do miss the mess when they aren’t around. The novelty of having a clean tidy house soon wore off and I yearned for the chaos of a family home by Saturday afternoon. So just remind yourself next time you’re dreaming of a neat and tidy house,  the constant round of tidying up won’t last forever.


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