Ticking off our Frugi bucket & spade list

Ticking off our Frugi bucket & spade list

It won’t be long now till the schools and pre schools kick out. For us that means no alarm clock and trying to get out and about doing something new and exciting for which I’m always up for some new ideas and inspiration. In the past I’ve  drawn up a summer holiday plan so the boys and I know what we’re doing and so we don’t get the end of the summer holidays feeling like we haven’t made the best use out of the freedom of the summer holidays.

These days, it’s much more ad hoc. The older 2 like to sort themselves out and with only left to worry about, we can do things at a little more of a relaxed pace. Saying that, I still need some ideas so the Frugi bucket and spade list is ideal. Not all are suitable for my adventurous 3-year-old, but we’ll certainly be giving the majority of them a go, in fact we’ve already started!

A week’s holidaying in sunny Sardinia saw us hitting the beach every day. Sand castle’s, sand sculptures and sea paddling were the order of the day. Along with an attempt at sand angels which anything but angelic.

And back in slightly cooler England, it was out for a morning bug hunting and puddle jumping;

bugs found = 2 – I’m pretty rubbish at getting too close to anything inspect like so we admired from a distance)

puddles conquered = 5 – note to self, waterproof trousers are a must, beige and absolute no no.

Next on our list is to get out on the water, warm weather and calm seas are the must have’s for that little adventure and I’d really like to tackle my fear of camping with a night under the stars, I just know that this little chap will be so up for a tent shaped adventure, especially if we can hook up with his cousins who also happen to have an amazing tent.

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for things to do this summer then see if anything on the Frugi Bucket and Spade list floats for boat;

what's on your bucket and spade list this summer?


ticking off our toddler approved summer bucket and spade list with the help of Frugi


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