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Thoughtful Christmas Stocking Fillers

Thoughtful Christmas Stocking Fillers

There’s nothing nicer than giving someone a variety of thoughtful gifts, and what nicer way than to present it in a cute little stocking. I personally think it’s a great way to show how much thought you’ve put into your gift. The only problem being is that you could get carried away and blow your budget but there really is no need to go OTT. Instead, why not show how much time and effort you’ve put into your gifts?

Start by getting a really nice stocking, one which can be used over and over again, like this personalised pure wool one from Woolovers Choose one main gift then think about some little added extras, each with a little meaning. Maybe a quiet night in bundle? Choose some chocolates (or chocolate shower gel!) , bubble bath or bath bomb, face pack, maybe some fluffy socks, a DVD and a small bottle of wine.

love this idea for a gift of a quiet night in as a stocking filler

Think of inexpensive gifts which the recipient wouldn’t think of buying for them selves, if it’s for a busy mum, maybe pop in IOU voucher for a few hours childcare one afternoon or offer to have their child / children over for a sleepover. Mums  are notorious for not putting them selves first and a quiet night in gift like this will give them the go ahead to have a night off and recharge.

Maybe the lucky giftee is a dog lover. Think about little things which will make those winter walks a little sweeter; some new gloves, a torch, welly socks,  a poo bag carrier (my coat pockets are full of poo bags, having them neatly stored in one place would be much nicer.) heated hand warmers or an ergonomic dog lead which is much easier on the hands on a cold winters morning or an iTunes / Google Play voucher so they can download some music to listen to while out and about.

That should give you some ideas, think lots of little touches to raise a lot of smiles.


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