This Boy Makes Me Smile | Living Arrows

This Boy Makes Me Smile | Living Arrows

I think the Christmas spirit has well and truly arrived for my cheeky toddler. He’s just been an absolute hoot recently! He entertained me and many shoppers we bumped into on a recent shopping trip and has us in stitches with his antics at home. It’s so nice to see he embraced the festival atmosphere without even the slightest notion of what’s to come.

This week we’ve been snacking on mince pies, singing festive tunes and attempting some Christmas crafts, he’s starting to take more interest in toys now too, after months of us wondering if he’s ever going to move on from being the king of emptying cupboards, throwing things in the toilet and helping himself to contents of the bin.

That’s not to say he has completely stopped his mischievous ways, we’re one advent calendar down after he managed to reach one with the help of the stool (in this photo) and pulled a reel of tickets from the machine in Clarks shoe shop, much to the confusion of the staff pressing the announcement button. It’s also done in the name of inquisitiveness, my little scientist.

Always testing out his next theory and taking life with both hands. Oh how this boy makes me smile!Living Arrows at 18 months, capturing a photo of your child every week.


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