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The secret recipe for a perfect family holiday

I’m a nostalgic sort of person. I look back on my childhood with a happy, worry free, glow. My memories are the gel that keeps my family together. Reminiscing with my siblings about days gone by and holidays we shared are something we hold dear.

I remember the anticipation of our trips to Devon, the train journey, the long lazy days on the beach, the damp drizzly days and the sad journeys home.

Now I’m a mum myself, I know that happy memory making is so vital to the adult my children will become and the gel that will keep my boys together so creating perfect family holidays are something I strive for every year.

My boys are growing up fast and there’s a constant reminder that our family holidays are on borrowed time, so making sure we have the best possible time together becomes even more important each year.
Teenager spends most of his weekends with his friends and Tween’s on the cusp of doing the same, so having their undivided, carefree attention for a week or two is an annual priority.

The Mark Warner team are looking for new 2015 blogger recruits so I’ve put together a few ideas for what the Mum in a Nutshell crew think makes the perfect holiday but first things first here’s a little who’s who….

So what’s my secret recipe for the perfect family holiday?

Well first, we collaborate, we think tank and brain storm. It’s a joint, family decision, where everyone gets their say. What I think might be a good idea isn’t always the same for everyone else.
We’ve been surfing in Cornwall, we’ve swam the rapids in Center Parcs on a 2 hour loop in the dark, we’ve cycled the Camel Trail from Wadebridge to Padstow and we’ve been alligator spotting in the Everglades.   Each activity being the choice of a different family member.

My perfect family holiday would be on a beach, with sand between my toes. I live by the sea, but our beach is a pebble one, so we all crave the warm comfort of sand. Plus it’s bloody hard making castles & digging giant craters out of pebbles.

As a family of 5 with a baby, Tween and Teenager, we need activities to suit us all. Water sports for my skateboard loving Teenager, a swimming pool for my sea loving Tween and a safe, child friendly, hotel room for my inquisitive Baby R. Throw in an endless supply of delicious food and a few exotic, creatures and we’re in our element. Sprinkle in a comfy couch and Hubby will be booking our return visit as we hand in our keys.

And for me? what makes the perfect holiday for me?

I love nothing more than a clean, comfy bed. I’m a simple, Devon girl, with simple needs.

And the desire for a good night’s sleep!

With love from (pebbled beach!) Devon

Super Busy Mum   

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