The Outdoor Festive Touch On A Budget

The Outdoor Festive Touch On A Budget

If you were to go up into space in December I’m pretty sure that my village out shine out in multicoloured, like one big blob of fairy lights. You see it’s one of many times everyone comes together as a community to out on a show for anyone who fancies an early evening trip out. The main street is adorned with trees protruding from houses, pubs and shops all decorated with white fairy lights and a smattering of brightly decorated window displays.

Then as you venture up through the streets the houses are festooned with all manner of Christmas themed lights. It’s really quite a sight to see. I remember being picked up from school once, and driven to Blackpool to see the illuminations but my little village of Beer in Devon can easily rival that as the locals pop on their competitive streak to out do their neighbours (think Grinch style healthy competition.)

So as you can imagine the pressure is on or your left sitting in the dark in every sense of the word and looking like the grumpy kid who didn’t want to join in with the party.

Not usually the competitive type myself, I prefer to join in but admitted defeat long ago knowing I would never be able to match some of the amazing light shows which begin to pop up late November. It’s a tricky balance of I tried, I really did, but I don’t want to remortgage to keep up with the Jones’ and invest in a set of lights paralleling the price of a small car.

Giving your house the Christmas festive touch can be achieved on a budget, here's what I managed with just a few sets
So with a bundle of multifunction string lights carefully positioned on my laurel bush, some coloured icicles hanging form my bay window and a battery operation star garland and shooting star in my bedroom window I’ve managed to join in with the festive feeling for less than £25 from the LEDHut (Must add that the battery operated decorations are a godsend as I ran out of plug space.)

So there you go, outdoor Christmas decorating can be achieved on a budget. And I, personally, am more than happy with the finished result.


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  1. 2nd December 2016 / 11:07 pm

    We are off out to buy new outdoor lights tomorrow (cringe)

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