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The Basics of Creating a Skincare Regime

The Basics of Creating a Skincare Regime

I’ve finally got to an age where I’m confident I’ve got the right skincare routine after years of trial and error. I’m not saying I’ve perfected it, but I’m fairly confident that I know what I’m doing now I’ve hit my 40’s. (That said, what works now, may not have worked 20 years ago.)

Either way, here’s a few things which I’ve picked up along the way.  So take from this what you will, as ultimately, it’s all about finding the right skincare regime for your individual skin. 

If You’ve Got Normal/Combination Skin

Don’t just use hand soap to wash your face. Instead, find a gentle soap or cleanser that feels great on your skin, I’ve tried quite a few facial washes and being this skin type, I now use a combination of micellar water in the evening and wash during my morning shower. Use an exfoliator and mask together weekly to balance out the dry and oily areas. I’m a huge fan of sheet masks to plump up and refresh the skin. 

If You’ve Got Dry Skin

It’s really important for people with dry skin use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t contain any fragrance or alcohol because this is only going to succeed in drying your skin out further. Exfoliating once a week is a good way to get rid of any dead or dry skin, but don’t do it too often. Use a rose or chamomile based toner rather than an astringent, this green tea one is super easy to make yourself. A good creamy face mask will add in extra moisture and sooth the skin, look for ones containing oats and other natural ingredients or make your own 

If You’ve Got Oily Skin

Avoid any products with oil in them, using a foaming cleanser to wash your face. Use a gentle toner to remove traces of dirt and makeup which can clog your pores. Witch hazel based toners will help as well as helping reduce pore size. Don’t ever skimp on moisturisers, you need to replace the lost moisture from cleansing or your skin will end up producing more oil. Try to find a lightweight one especially for oily skin. 

If You’ve Got Sensitive Skin

You’ll also need to use a gentle cleanser and will need to avoid exfoliating your skin. Also avoid any products that have fragrance, acid, alcohol or soap in them, looking for natural, organic products from companies like Neal’s Yard Remedies.

And finally…..

Always choose a day cream with an SPF, even in the colder months, you should also use a separate night cream to help regenerate the skin (when skin cell repair is higher) and never going to bed in your make-up. 

inding the right skincare routine is all about trial and error, but here are some of the basics to get you started

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