Teletubbies Magazines For Toddlers

Teletubbies Magazines For Toddlers

We have this thing where on long car or train journeys, I make a travel treat pack for the boys.

In this pack I put a snack, a drink and a magazine, leaving it on their seat in the car. The Toddler  however, has never been part of this thing.

Until now.

Happy enough to appreciate that long journeys are an essential part of something fun,  I thought it was high time we introduced him to the wonderful world of kiddies magazines starting with the Teletubbies. Already a Dipsy, LaLa, Tinky Winky and Po fan, there was no question of him loving his new reading material. My query was whether he’d pay it enough attention long enough to warrant a few precious pounds.

teletubbies mag2

No problemo, he loved it. Prying off the LaLa toy (complete with bed and cute little blanket) he got straight to some imaginative play, so sweet. It’s a new thing he’s just started doing but I really wanted to see what he was like with the magazine.

In a previous life, I would be looking at each play activity a child engaged with through the eyes of early years development and how it extended his learning. This is already explained really nicely on the first pages with a note for grown up’s section. It’s always worth having a read through notes like these and educating yourself on how reading this edition of the Teletubbies magazine will benefit your toddler.

….there are many great ways for your child to learn about listening and technology; sharing and eating together and also how to care and look after each other.

The activities will help them develop their fine motor control, recognise letters, shapes and numbers, be happy and feel happy.

Teletubbies magazine

Bonus points go to the free gift note

 Your Laa-Laa bedtime set encourages young children to role play……play with the set before bed and put Laa-Laa in her bed when they go to bed themselves……this will help language and communication skills development.

As well as the various activities throughout it also comes complete with stickers. There can never be too many stickers in a toddlers life and when letting the light of your life have the free reign with a pen isn’t safe (I speak from experience) that’s when a sticker activity comes into its own.

All in all the Teletubbies magazine so much more than a simple magazine and a good dose of entertainment.

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