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So now the cat’s out of the bag, I’ve decided no more wallowing and it’s time to get on with the single parenting lark. So we packed up our bags and headed off to one of our local beaches to walk the dog and blow some cobwebs away. There’s nothing better than a bright sunny beach day in the September sun to really wake you up and help you recharge for the week ahead.

The toddler adores sandy beaches, and I mean ADORES! The squeals of excitement as he ran around looking for buckets and spades, swim gear (no dear, absolutely NO SWIMMING today) and stood by the door chanting “beach, beach. beach”

I didn’t actually realise how much he’d changed over the summer holidays. Not only has his hair grown but his speech is amazing. From previous work training I was aware that 2 year olds should be learning 8 new words a day but I’ve never seen it in practice. More so because I’m aware of it I know, but it still amazes me.

Nothing to worry about in that department, which is lovely as being a parent is 90% worry, I’m sure of it!

Loving this time of year for late summer fun on the beach here in Devon

Living Arrows

Our Summer of ’16 in a Living Arrows nutshell

I’ve just realised that it’s almost been a month since I last posted a Living Arrows post; capturing a photo of my boy each week ! My bad!

With the whole routine thing out the window due to the school summer holidays, it’s been too easy to let things slide. So as I prepare to ease gently back into school day mode, it occurred to me that I may I’ve relaxed the reins of routine a little bit too much!

Annnnyway, here goes; my favourite snaps from my summer holibobs covering the last 4 weeks in one epic Living Arrows post.

the hippy chic toddler seat was an absolute life saver during our annual folk festival

My cheeky chappy rocking his trusty converse and shades in a perfectly modelling Hippy Chick hip seat during a day trip to the Sidmouth Folk Festival. It was was too busy to let him walk around and to try navigate a buggy but this is a boy with the need to explore and a limitless amount of energy to burn so this was the perfect option to rest him for 10 minutes while we watched some of the street entertainment.

cute feet! don't you just love a pair of chubby legs on a toddler

We are so close to the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary that I often completely overlook it when trying to plan a day out. But an impromptu trip really caught his eye as he charged around and climbed the fences to get a better look. (Until they started braying, by which point he dived into my arms completely spooked by this strange and unfamiliar noise!)

sunset om the beach after an epic regatta week

Summer evenings on the beach are the creme de la creme of living by the sea. But in true British style, summer evenings turn chilly pretty quickly. I can assure you that the scarf was his idea and absolutely not to the entertainment of hid nanny. Much.

summer garden fun, can't beat it. the last in my living arrows collection for August

we aren’t blessed with a flat grassy garden, I tend to justify it by reminding myself that we live by the sea and that’s pretty awesome. But I still pine for my guys to experience the long hot summer days playing in the garden like my siblings and I had. Luckily though, I managed to time a visit to my sisters’ house (who has the perfect child friendly garden) with a run of stunning weather. I’ve got to add here that our Frugi sunsuit has been the most worn outfit of the summer!

It all seems to long ago now, the summer of ’16 in a nutshell.

Living Arrows

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Summer Evenings On Our Devon Pebble Beach

There’s something about living in my little Devon village which makes everything seem a little slower paced. I love how we can live a more simple life, enjoying back to basics fun right in our doorstep, just a short stroll and I’m right here, on my local Devon pebble beach.

Don’t get me wrong, I do get modern life envy at times, when I hear what’s on the doorstep for others. Even pizza delivery seems exciting! But on a summer’s evening, when the only sound you can hear are the seagulls dominating the sky, looking for unsuspecting tourists to steal chips from. I’m always a little reluctant to let go of the day, so it’s on with the flip-flops and off for a walk to grab the last few ray’s before it slips down behind the chalky white cliffs for the night.

The simple life and a back to basics childhood living on the East Devon coast. I took these photos one summer's evening on our local Devon pebble beach
Some days it’s a few moments throwing pebbles in the sea, others we (the kids) brave for a paddle. Then it’s up the hill back home for the usual bedtime toddler shenanigans. hoping for another sunny day tomorrow so we can do it all over agin.

And it’ fair to say we always sleeps a little better, toddler included, after an evening dose of sea air.

Natures sleeping pill in the purest, most wonderful form!

The simple life and a back to basics childhood living on the East Devon coast. I took these photos one summer's evening on our local Devon pebble beach

Living Arrows – You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth



An Ode To The Sibling Relationship

Growing up (many moons ago now)  I was a horrible sister. That 2 year difference gave me the power to be as mean and bossy as I wanted! It didn’t help that my little sister was perfect, annoyingly, irritantingly perfect. In my mothers eyes she could do no wrong, and if I’m honest she probably never did any wrong.

And man I tried, I really, really tried to find any excuse to get her down to my mean little level.

But she was just too bloody nice.

My little brother somehow managed to escaped my tickle battles and constant jibes, luckily for him the extra years between us meant he never hit my radar.

Cousins and siblings are the focus of this weeks Living Arrows post and I'm contemplating the phrase is blood thicker than water

Which makes the fact my sister is now my best and closet friend even more bizarre and proof that blood can be thicker than water. She’s never once reminded me of how horrid I was, to her it’s all about the moment and how close we’ve grown throughout our adult years.

And what really makes me smile  is that our children are just as inseparable and adore each other’s company as much as we do. It’s more than I could’ve ever wished for, to see them locked in each others worlds, like the rest of the world ceases to exist is the most heart warming sight to see.

No matter how long or how far the distance and time is between them, they simply pick up from where they left off like it was only yesterday when they were sat on the beach, throwing pebbles in the sea. So this week’s Living Arrows photo (I know I’ve missed a few!) and Ordinary Moments is an ode to siblings and cousins, making happy memories and enjoying an ordinary childhood.


Cousins and siblings are the focus of this weeks Living Arrows post


Celebrating Turning 2 – Living Arrows

This week’s Living Arrows post is a little different. As I start to ponder on what exactly I was doing this time 2 years ago ( probably napping, I did a lot of that, oh and playing Candy Crush to relieve the boredom, it was pre blog days when I had time to get bored) I thought it would be nice to celebrate the current rather than the past, you see my baby’s turning 2 which explains the nostalgia and reflective mood I’m in.

Thats 2 whole years of huge brown eyes filling me with so much love which I never thought possible as I already had a full heart from being a mum to 2 others amazing and wonderful boys, but it turned out I did have room and my mummy pride and love split quite easily three ways.

I admit that the whole birthday buzz takes a little more toned down affair third time round. Knowing that he’s really not going to know what he’s missing out on and admitting the big toddler birthday parties I had in the past resulted in tired, over whelmed and grumpy children, I played it cool.


Just a couple of mum friends who also had toddlers the same age, were invited round for coffee and cakes and a subdued party elevenses’ for the little ones. One thing which I’ve always found difficult with having boys though, is how to dress them for these occasions. I’ve done shirts, I’ve done trendy t shirts and I’ve done fancy dress. So this year I opted for a cute little leggings and sweatshirt combo, with a twist.


This great funky outfit came courtesy of Little Chickie baby boutique, which stock quality and unique brands all under one shop.  I love dressing my boy in comfortable
and individual clothes which don’t hinder his play which is why I though these Blade & Rose leggings would be perfect, especially teamed with a pale blue Blossom and Bob sweatshirt, the colour really suits his complexion .

And with a french holiday on my wishlist, if we ever make it, he’ll know one word at least!

choosing toddler fashion for a 2nd birthday with Little Chickie in this week's Living Arrows


I have been gifted some items of clothing to share with you in this post.