My Pick Of Home Decor Trends for 2018

There’s a double edge to the reasons behind me writing this post, I needed a brain dump to defrag all the home decor trends ideas I’ve got floating round in my head, and I’m looking for your advice on what to do with my dining room. It’s all stemmed out of getting bored with looking at the same feature wall which has faithfully welcomed me into my home for the last 3 years. Yet with limited decorating time available, I’m pretty much limited to only changing the bare minimum, so the neutral grey decor which runs throughout the whole of my open plan living space will be staying & I’m just changing that one, wow look at me, wall.

But oh, what to do? I’ve spent way too many hours perusing Pinterest and Googling “please help me decide on a colour scheme which will do my Instagram account proud” and this is what I’ve come up with so far….

Moody is the new grey

Think muted navy, emerald and violet. This would go perfectly with my grey walls, warming up the very bland feel to my house and who doesn’t love a bit of cosy? My only concern is that my dining room sits in the middle of my house, and even with a big bay window at the front and bright kitchen at the back, it’s always dark. I’m worried those moody navy, emeralds and violets will zap even more light creating a cave effect lulling me into a permanent hibernation. But…….with violet being announced the Pantone colour of the year, I’d be bang on trend! So that could be a swaying factor.

Embrace The Tropical

I’m guessing this trend is a follow on from last years Greenery Pantone colour of the year. There’s no denying that bold, leafy prints are everywhere and should I choose to go bold and dark, the contrasting tropical oranges and greens against a navy backdrop will have the wow factor. After last year’s summer breaks to Florida and Sardinia, I’m pretty settled on the idea of a UK staycation (don’t hold me to that, I’m pretty indecisive on matters of the holiday type) so introducing a tropical theme could be just the tonic, on the other hand it could remind me of what I’d be missing out on and get my on that plane pronto!)

I’ve found a great collection of tropical accessories at Sainsurys Online

Getting the lighting right….

So let’s say, for argument’s sake, that I decide on a moody navy or violet feature wall, add accessories in a bold tropical print, then this would allow me to bring in some of the lush copper which I’ve been hankering after. I feared it would look too out of place in my greys and whites, but now I’ve built up a little more of a vision of how my dining room could look, there is definitely a place for some copper pendant lights to hang over my dining table, this would really help to create the cosy feel of the room. I think that’s settled my internal argument on what to do.

All that’s needed now is a big dose of home decorating bravery and I’ll get that paint brush out.

Wish me luck!

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My Cool, Calm & Relaxing Bedroom Makeover

After months of waking up to badly hung curtains in a bed that was way too big for the room and tell tale signs of my terrible decorating skills, I bit the bullet and assigned my childfree weekend to give my bedroom a complete makeover. I’d spent months looking for inspiration, mainly on Pinterest and finally settled on a cool, calm and relaxing theme of whites, greys and a shot of yellow. The snippets of moments when I considered going all dark and hotel chic were always argued out of my head in favour of something where I could relax in, day or night, more of a de-stress / escape room than a boudoir.

Plus the furniture was already up cycled and time wasn’t on my side, I had a bed to build, a room to paint, more furniture to chalk paint and curtains to rehang (properly this time.) I considered installing blinds and dress curtains but after splashing out on Stylish blinds from VELUX for my teenage son’s room, so kept costs down by fixing black out lining to my existing grey curtains which my sewing machine savvy mum trimmed down to fit my window (they were huuuuge) and made throw cushions out of the left over material.

I gave the whole room a lick of white paint then finished the chimney breast with a grey and white forest print wallpaper. My new trundle-bed (topped off with an unbelievable comfy FUÜM memory foam mattress (read the review here if you’re looking for a new one and need some research) is perfect for hiding all the clutter which had previously lurked in corners on the room and made space for new bedside tables; a bargain find on eBay. I accessorised each one with small bedside lamps with grey shades from Next along with artificial roses in jam jars and yellow picture frames.

And finally, to warm up the whites and grey decor I added a cosy fur throw to my white bedding. That’s one area I can never bring myself to skimp on, once you’ve slept on quality sheets, there’s no going back!

I’ve got one last thing to find and complete my bedroom makeover and that’s a print to hang above the head, but my indecisiveness is still holding me back from finding ‘the one.’ If you’ve got any recommendations of the perfect print please share. I’m loosing sleep trying to find something which I’m not even sure exactly what I’m looking for.


Completely change the feel to your home in 3 easy steps


This is a collaborative post 

If you like where you live but are tired of looking at the same décor, it could be time for a change. With a little imagination and vision you could give your home a completely new feel, so take a look at these three easy steps and unleash your creativity.


  • Lay wooden flooring

While carpet can keep your feet warm during the chilly months it often becomes scruffy, dirty and worn. So, if you’re in the mood for a simple and cost effective renovation, how about opting for engineered wood flooring instead? This is a great option for anyone with kids and pets as it can be easily mopped clean, which means you won’t have to endure long battles with sticky spillages or muddy footprints. Similarly, as dust and animal hair doesn’t cling to wooden flooring in the same way as it does to carpet, wooden flooring can help to reduce allergens in your home – good news for allergy sufferers!

Most importantly, wooden flooring looks fantastic and is available in many styles and hues, from classic oak varieties to modern blacks and whites. It will bring a fresh to new look to your property, and is a great investment as it’s designed to last.


Completely change the feel to your home in 3 easy steps


  • Change the lighting in your home


Lighting can instantly change the ambiance of a room. While bright white lights are good for office and study environments, they can make a living or dining room feel a little stark, so how about reading up on interior lighting tips and finding out what works for you? One of the best ways to create a cosy atmosphere in a place of relaxation is to use small table lamps with a tinted low-wattage bulb. This will provide a dim glow, allowing you to unwind in comfort without being bothered by an intense light. It’s also the kind of lighting that will make your guests comfortable and relaxed, meaning they’ll want to linger a little while longer!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even invest in coloured lightbulbs depending on your personal taste. You could also think about swapping traditional light fittings for more opulent designs such as chandeliers to act as the focal point of a dining area or sitting room – you’ll find inspiration online via sites like Pinterest.

photo credit Cotsworld Company


  • Rethink your accessories


Finally, it’s amazing how new accessories can give the interior of your property a facelift. But, the most important thing to decide upon before you hit the shops is a colour scheme. Look for colours that work well together (such as light green and grey, or pink and purple) and use these combinations to your advantage, investing in everything from curtains and throws to cushions and rugs. If you’re good with a sewing machine, you could even make your own accessories from scratch to save money or put your creativity to good use by upcycling old furniture.

There are many things you can do to completely change the feel to your home. Experiment with these suggestions and see how you get on.




Finishing touches to my living room makeover

I’m always on the lookout for inspiration to update my home and now I’ve completed the all the big changes in my living room, the sofa’s been replaced by a practical yet stylish suit, I’ve up-cycled the Mexican pine furniture and replaced the curtains. Now it’s just the finishing touches.

This is where I can really go to town and fine tune the over all look I’m trying to create. It’s also where I can’t make decisions, though! I’ve budgeted where ever possible but when you want to bring a touch of luxury into your home but done have a huge budget to play with, I compromise by mixing cheap and cheerful with some higher end wow features.

I’m starting with a dark alcove decked out with chunky wooden rustic shelves, this is one of the first things you see when walking into the open plan downstairs. While the ornate over mantel mirror commands centre stage, there’s an opportunity to bring in touches of opulence and colour to finish off the grey and white theme I’ve gone for.

completing a living room makeover in grey and white colour scheme with some accessories from Rooi luxury homeware

With a plain backdrop, I’ve brought in some shimmer to contrast the rustic features which warm up the whole look. As the alcove sits in the dark towards the end of the day the antique silver etched vase and bottles from luxury living website Rooi reflect light back out of the gloomy corner.

Not wanting anything too modern, they ooze class, I’ve limited it to a couple of pieces so they don’t distract from the feature clock, a gift from my sister (don’t you love it when a gift shows how well someone knows your taste!) and some treasured photographs. I didn’t want it looking cluttered or busy as the general theme for the living / dining room is light and airy with a classy but contemporary feel. Which is easily achieved with many of the fabulous items available at Rooi (pronounced rui) and anyone trying to avoid copycat high street pieces. 

One final piece in my home styling puzzle in the delicate flower topped glass bottle below. This doubles as one of the most beautiful fragrance diffusers I own. Durance scented flowers work in the same way as a reed diffuser, draws up the oil and releasing the aroma into the air. It gives a subtle but utterly devine hint of perfume. I love how it looks more like an ornament than a functional way of ridding my house of eau de dog!

And who doesn’t love multi purpose accessories! 

completing a living room makeover in grey and white colour scheme with some accessories from Rooi luxury homeware


This is a collaborative post


A Simply Beautiful Personalised Solid Oak Stool


What do you think about heirlooms?

Unnecessary clutter or little reminders of a past lifetime?

I’m all for them personally. I love that something which can be insignificant to one person, holds a heartwarming memory for another. The Cabbage Patch Kids, old school books and china in my loft are testament to it. And each of my boys have a memory box filled with items which tell a story. From their first baby grow, birthday cards, teddy bears and christening gowns.

They’re not bulging, but just of a memory jogger which will once take pride of place in their own attic I hope.

And recently we’ve added one more item to the Toddler’s collection, a solid oak stool, personalised with his names from Clean Cut Wood.

This indestructble tristool is virtually indestructible thanks to the

chunky solid oak construction, with through-tenon leg joints and no screws, nails or other fixings.

Which is reassuring as my boy is a fiddler, climber and investigator but being on the slightly heavier side means he’s not carting it around the house to reach things which have been purposefully put out of his way. (We’ve learnt from experience!)

A gorgeous solid oak personalised oak stool from Clean Cut Wood

At the moment, he’s using it as a reading corner, it’s just the right size to perch on without help and then a spot for me to sit and read his bedtime story. It’s made of such a quality that I have no qualms about breaking it either.

One unexpected surprise from this particular oak stool is that each time I walk into his bedroom, I’m greeted by a wonderful fresh wood aroma that only quality wood gives and enhances the quality feel of the room.

The only exception to this heirloom is that once he’s out grown it, instead of making it’s way into the loft with the rest of the boys bits and bobs, it’ll be easy to find a new spot in our home as it’s not limited to the nursery years. (By that I mean it’s not decorated in pastels or trains!)

Just an idea, if you’re heading to a christening, why not club together with some other invitees and get one of these gorgeous little stools as a gift. Much more unusual than the customary money box, photo album or teaspoon.

Don’t you think?

A gorgeous solid oak personalised oak stool from Clean Cut Wood


I was sent this time for my honest thoughts, I received no monetary compensation to write this review. 



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