Tips for Stress Free Train Journeys With Toddlers

I recently completed a journey which I was secretly dreading. It was one of those trips which had to be done just to prove to yourself it could be done.  And once the initial maiden voyage was over, it would be plain sailing from forth with.

What made my nerves even more nonsense was that I’d done this journey many times before, the exception being I had children, older children but never a toddler. An adventurous, lively toddler who loves to explore and investigate everything, a toddler who I knew would be beyond excited at doing something new, a toddler who hated to be confined and rarely sat still for more than 5 minutes .

That was the cause of my concerns.

So the very fact that we completed our little journey, Toddler, Tween and yours truly, in a spectacular and stress free manner has compelled me to share how we managed 6 trains over  7 hours on our return trip from Devon to Oxford. And share some tips we picked up along the way for anyone else considering travelling with toddlers.

secretes to travelling with toddlers

The key to my success was in the planning. I knew that to guarantee that Toddler slept for some of our journey, I booked a train that should in theory give me an hour until his nap. This meant that he could get all excitement out of his system not long after boarding and then after a little snack, would settle down to sleep. failing that, the iPad is genius for quiet time. I’m careful never to overuse it as it looses it’s appeal and is only ever brought out at as a last resort.

As we were only staying away for a few days, we made do with a wheeled rucksack. This was our saviour when navigating the platforms or walking down train aisles and was soft enough to pack into the luggage holds. And packing was a crucial part in the planning. My BabyMule changing bag is an absolute game changer for travelling. slung over my shoulders, leaving my hands free and having everything stored in the different compartments makes grabbing snacks and nappy changes simples.


I also made sure I had plenty of snacks, dinners and drinks for distracting any efforts to continually want to toddle around, as toddlers do. I chose snacks which would take a while to eat and hopefully not make too much of mess of clothes or the train floor, thus eliminating any further stress.  Think raisins, Little Dish GoGo’s 

To make getting on and off the train safe, I carried my toddler in a baby sling. This meant I had my hands free to carry my baby bag and suitcase. And reins are a must for more mobile toddlers. I take mine even when I’ve got the buggy as it keeps him close by while I’m collapsing it.

Any experienced parent, who’s learnt from experience,  will know that you can’t really travel anywhere without a few extra items in your parenting ammo, one of these being a few first aid items and while my mini break was hardly crossing that Amazon, the basics still applied. Along with an emergency packet of stickers, a small pot of distraction bubbles and a favourite teddy.

Mothercare parenting expert, Liz Day, recommends that when travelling, keep your child’s teddy bear safely in your hand luggage or an easily accessible bag so they are within reach to soothe and calm your tot if there are any upsets during the journey.

So now I’ve got my plan for successful travelling with toddlers I’m hoping to be a little more adventurous with our days out and short breaks. Watch this space!

secretes to travelling with toddlers


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Check Out This Cute Vango Kids Sleeping Bag!

We were all set to conquer my camping fear.  This was going to be the summer we did it, with a weekend booked at a Devon country park. I had it all arranged. It was going to be fun. I was sure of it, this would be the turning point after our final camping trip saw me clinging to the edges of the tent while gale force winds whipped up around us and I frantically googled the nearest Travelodge.

It was going to be fun.

We’d secured some borrowed equipment and had a new and super cute Vango sleeping bag for the toddler to try out.

And then it rained, and it rained and it rained some more. So the game changer of a weekend never happened. The safety and comfort my bed too much of pull to risk it.

Not to be out witted and wanting the toddler to get some use out of this multi-purpose wearable sleeping bag. I set up camp in the garden to see what he’d make of it. But the perfect photo shoot I had planned went to pot when the sleeping bag proved so comfy he refused to get out!

The unusual thing with this cute little number is the ability to zip off the bottom leaving the legs free to run around, while the shoulders have little zip so you can stick your arms out. Great for keeping you warm on midnight toilet trips or early mornings as you wear it like a jumper!

When in conventional sleeping mode, with the bottom section in place and the arm holes zipped up it’s a fun yet warm way to snuggle down for the night. Or at least I’m guessing it is by the fact I had to coax my boy out, much to his protests as he buried further inside. And the handy bag it comes in means it’s now hung on the back of my door waiting for that moment I throw caution to the wind. (can’t help associate camping with that word now!) and brave a night under the stars.


I received this sleeping bag to review & share. 


So you want to go camping?

The sun’s shining and the living is easy.  You’re yearning to venture out into the great outdoors  every waking hour, get closer to nature and experience a simpler way of life. Summer’s here and you’re in the mood to go camping.

Me too!

I simply hate being indoors during a glorious summer day and I long for weekends sitting under a warm starry sky without the distraction of the everyday chaos which comes part of the parcel as a busy, self employed mum of three. But there’s just one thing stopping me, equipment. Camping equipment to be precise. It’s like having babies, there’s just so much ‘stuff’ you need and I just haven’t got the time to plan, research and shop for everything I’d need for a camping weekend away.

I’d love to admit to a free spirited, carefree parenting style where I  whisk my family away at the drop of a hat but that simply isn’t the case. I’m a planner, I need to be sure that we’re comfortable, fed and safe , where would I start?

So, lets say for arguments sake, that I do want to go camping, what exactly would I need?

Well I could scour the internet for advice (like this camping guide)  or put it out there in an sos on social media. Well I know I need a tent ,  and sleeping bags, an air bed would be nice, a camping stove wouldn’t go amiss so I can still get my early morning cuppa, and some chairs so I wasn’t left with a numb bum, no wants a numb bum on a relaxing break.

so you want to go camping? so do I but i need all the camping tips i can get!

Now that sounds easy enough, not too much to splash out on, but wait, what will we eat? Ok,  I’ll need a cool box, I guess, and some pots and pans. A picnic blanket for a little home comfort and warm clothes, just incase. You can never be too certain of our great British weather.

Now that I think of it, it doesn’t sound too complicated, let’s do it, come on boys, mummy’s feeling adventurous, we’re going on an adventure and campings on the agenda.

First stop, the front garden.

Baby steps, boys, baby steps.

what a funky way to liven up your garden and keep your children safe,


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Our Trevella Park Family Holiday, Crantock – Part 1

Reconnecting as a family at Trevella Park

Everyone has their go-to holiday place. The one where you know you’re going to have a great time and already holds many happy memories. Mine’s Cornwall, the last county in England, or the first depending on where you’re standing. Where the land ends and the living is easy. It’s my little piece of heaven which the boys, Daz and I come back to year after year and Trevella Park in Crantock is the perfect base to from which to explore.

Set back on the road from Newquay to Crantock, Trevella is a 5 star, award winning holiday park for campers, caravaners and glampers. You can take your own or hire one of their caravans, safari tents or geo dome tents and is just the ticket if, like us, you prefer to avoid any holiday parks with pubs and entertainment. We like to go away to relax and reconnect as a family as well as make the most of our days rather than party through the night.

On site there’s a heated swimming pool and toddler pool, a small cafe, 2 large play areas; one for toddlers and one for older kids, a small arcade, shop, a launderette and resident owl, bunnies, and cockatiel but perhaps the best features though are the picturesque fishing lakes and rangers activities.

We’ve stayed in Trevella once before, it seems like an age ago, but it has remained one of our best holidays with the boys. It was where we first set foot on the beautiful beach in Crantock and couldn’t believe our luck on discovering such a beautiful part of the country (our bonkers spaniel loved it too as it’s one of the few glorious sandy beaches which allow dogs all round.) We’ve been back to Crantock several times since but Trevella is by far our favourite place we’ve stayed and judging by the reactions to my social media updates of our mini break, is the favourite of many of you already.

breakfast on the decking at Trevella Park caravan and campsite in Cornwall


The caravans are set so you feel a real sense of space and security. We stayed in Lake View 20, accessed through a key fob operated security gate and with a glimmer of the stunning lake just a stones throw away. The 3 bedroom superior caravan boasted decking which caught the morning sun and importantly for us, a gate to stop the toddler escaping. (You can read more about the different caravans here)

breakfast time

It was being well equipped for a self catering holiday and enjoying al fresco meals, they’re comfortable enough for a chilled evening playing board games and watching TV after some full on adrenalin fuelled days. Even with 5 of us, it felt spacious and judging by the long lazy lie ins the boys had, we all found it incredibly comfortable!

the beautiful setting of the Lake view caravans in Trevella Park, Crantock in Cornwall

With the weather on our side we made full use of Trevella during our stay. The older teens mooched around exploring the site, playing in the arcade, making lots of snack trips to the shop and revisiting their younger, screen free years in the park as well as cooling off in the pool. After a full day surfing thanks to hiring boards from the onsite Crantock Beach and Bike Hire shop, we didn’t get even a glimmer of the word ‘bored”

the beautiful setting of the Lake view caravans in Trevella Park, Crantock in Cornwall

The toddler was an absolute delight the whole holiday, I’m putting it down to hang so much to do on the park, busy days, Daz and I being so relaxed and being able to explore and play safely and that’s where I’ll leave it for today.

In Part 2 I’m sharing all the activities we did as well as the other things you can do in the area.

making the most of the self catering facilities in the caravan in Trevella park


We were invited down to Trevella Park to experience a family holiday. All words and photography are entirely my own. 

a fabulous family holiday in a family friendly holiday park in Cornwall. this photo was taken on the local nearly Crantock beach near Newquay

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101 Ideas to Help You Plan a Big Summer Adventure

With the winter months finally behind us, the weatherman predicting a blistering hot summer and the kids pestering you about Legoland and all things Harry Potterland it’s the time of year to look outdoors and plan a summer of big adventures.

If, like us, you’re struggling for ideas of where to take the kids this summer, check out this handy ebook created by over 101 of the Best British Bloggers. With hundreds of activities, destinations, and just general FUN each of the ideas has been tested by a blogger just like myself and is personal recommendation straight from the heart.

101 activities and destinations to take the kids on holiday this summer in the UK
My suggestion for the book was BODYBOARDING IN CRANTOCK which is where I’m heading, funnily enough, next week!

Cranock in Cornwall has the most stunning sandy beach with an estuary which our boys love to play in. When they want something more adrenalin pumping the surf usually provides excellent bodyboarding and skim boarding opportunities.

Let me know if you have a destination favourite from the ebook!

Body boarding on a family holiday