How can a slate top dining table transform your family life?

How can a slate top dining table transform your family life?
The dining table is the probably the most important piece of furniture in our family. Most of the of the time the only part of the day we’re all together, is when we’re sat there, chatting and sharing the day without the distraction of the wifi. It’s where my children learn manners and social skills that’ll see them through play dates and date-dates. They do their homework, mend their skateboards and make crafts, I write my blog, organise family finances and my business paper work. Hubby eats. It’s our central hub,  where we laugh, learn and debate. Our mothership furniture is a Slate Top Table. The only item in our house that, despite marooned in the central position of our open plan living room, isn’t showing any signs of family life wear and tear. The same can’t be said of many other things in our humble abode, so I’m grateful that we’ve found something that can live up to the rigures of family life.

So I’m championing our slate top table and how it makes our family life run just that little bit smoother in a slate top table top 10. (Try saying that with a mouthful of toffee!)

  1. It improved my pastry making skills. A cold surface makes the perfect place to craft all those pasties us West Country folk eat. Every budding shelf needs a cold work surface to work on nd this has been perfect. I’m reluctant to use our wooden worktops for fear of marking or absorbing the varnish we treat them will. No need to worry about that on my slate.
  2. Reminders. It saves nagging and there’s no denying you haven’t asked anyone to do something when it’s right there in front of you. It’s like the elephant in the room. It’s my birthday is always a favourite of mine, closely followed by do your home work and tidy your room.
  3. Tough and durable and gets better with age, just like the perfect man! Say no more. Slate top table + man = complete.
  4. It makes meal times fun. I always leave chalk out so anyone can doodle. This has led to a few interesting meal times, although Tween writing “the person who sits here stinks.” wasn’t my intention, neither was teenager showing us what a ougie board looked like while tucking into our Sunday roast.
  5. It keeps my laptop cool during intense blogging sessions! I’m nervous of this as our laptop died  a few years ago due to over heating. I’ve also heard horror stories where people have burnt their legs from using the laptop while resting on their lap. It’s a safer way for the boys to use the laptop too.
  6. When doing anything crafty, you don’t need a separate cover (unless you’re painting something  with gloss or spray paint, obviously. It’s not kryptonite!) It’s especially useful when toddlers are in charge of the felt tips.We’ve yet to suffer a dry wipe, permanent marker or glitter glue catastrophe.
  7. Helping Tween to learn his lines for the school play / times tables / spellings by writing them in chalk and testing at meal times.
  8. Letting everyone know who’s dinners are who to save tea time confusion (and Tween eating the bolognaise with the melted cheese that was destined for Teenager, then Teenager refusing to eat his dinner after the swap due to Tween germs. It happens a lot in my house!)
  9. It doesn’t show up tomato based sauces that are impossible to shift when they escape off the plate, or are flung at a sibling when I’m not in the room. Again, a regular occurrence I’m ashamed to say.
  10. They look pretty damn cool! I’ve had lots of compliments and it’s a great talking point.

A slate top table is the perfect addition to any family, its hard wearing and multitasking and heres how it functions into our little home


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  1. 5th May 2015 / 10:26 pm

    Your dining room looks GORGEOUS! I’m envious! Our dining room has turned into a toy room/laundry room/storage area for crap! lol! You may have just inspired me though! Thanks for linking up! #MMWBH

    • 6th May 2015 / 1:55 pm

      Thanks Debs, I have to keep on top of it as we’re all open plan. theres no hiding places which is a pain.

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