A Skinade Review – My Journey To Better Skin

A Skinade Review – My Journey To Better Skin

It’s with much regret that I’m writing this blog post.

Excuse the gloomy starter but by the fact I’m writing it means my month-long Skinade trial and a journey to better skin, has come to an end. Just as I stepped into the wobbly world of 40, I began a daily routine of drinking a fruit flavoured tonic which promised various wonderful things. In an Alice in Wonderland style moment, I tentatively sipped my first taster from the clinical white bottle not knowing what to expect.

I’ve always looked after my skin, cleansing, toning and moisturising every morning and night, but age and a brief dalliance with smoking, drinking and partying in my late teens and early twenties were starting to show, so I was intrigued if time could be erased or momentary paused by the sip of a bottle. Using 6 active ingredients, Skinade is a liquid supplement claims to help promote natural collagen production which in in turn result in a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and improved skin hydration.

A Skinaide trail a journey to clearer skin. reviewed here;

photo courtesy of Skinade

My trial kit arrived as a combination of prepared bottles and travel sachets which you mix with water, I preferred the latter slightly as I could dilute it to my taste but both were pleasant tasting,  reminding me of a peach and orange squash without the bitter aftertaste. It took a couple of weeks to begin to see a difference and there were no negative side effects, with the first tell-tale signs of something happening was my skin looking a little clearer and fine lines around the outer corners of my eyes fading slightly.

Since loosing my pregnancy weight, I was loosing the battle to surpress the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes add to the fact I often get less than the recommended 8 hours sleep a night, I have been more and more conscious of them shouting out in any photos.

My usual make up routine consists of bb cream and concealer, but by the end of the trial I found that my skin tone improved and I could get away without the concealer most days, even ditching the bb cream in favour for a more natural look which, as a freckled Freida like yours truly, is big news. After a few disastrous attempts with Panstick in my teenage years, I’ve never been a fan of heavy makeup but I do like to try and even out my skin tone with tinted moisturisers, mainly  but an unexpected result of a months worth of Skinade gave me a more clearer, even complexion.


results of my Skinaide months trial

complete au naturel close up where fine lines are less visible.

While I still have wrinkles around my eyes, they appear less deep, especially my annoying frown lines between my eyes, but I’ve started to notice those nasty lip ones appearing, which I fully blame every cigarette I puffed all those defiant teenager years ago (my biggest regret ever.) so I would’ve liked to have kept going another month to see how Skinade tackled them.

To sum up my month trying out Skinade, I’ve noticed;

  • clearer more even complexion
  • fine lines around my eyes less visible
  • pores less visible
  • skin felt softer to the touch
  • scarring from old spots faded

So why am I sad that my trial is over? Well,  it feels that just as everything is starting to take effect, it’s all come to an abrupt end. I’d love to keep going to see if it helps my newly acquired, niggly mouth pout lines, which appeared perfectly timed to remind me thirties are well and truly behind me.

But it has, however, spurned me on to maintain an healthier lifestyle as it’s proved that you are what you eat or on this occasion what you drink!

My journey to clearer skin starting with a Skinaide trial


I was sent a month’s supply of Skinade to try, all words and photos are my own, unless quoted.




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