A Simply Beautiful Personalised Solid Oak Stool

A Simply Beautiful Personalised Solid Oak Stool


What do you think about heirlooms?

Unnecessary clutter or little reminders of a past lifetime?

I’m all for them personally. I love that something which can be insignificant to one person, holds a heartwarming memory for another. The Cabbage Patch Kids, old school books and china in my loft are testament to it. And each of my boys have a memory box filled with items which tell a story. From their first baby grow, birthday cards, teddy bears and christening gowns.

They’re not bulging, but just of a memory jogger which will once take pride of place in their own attic I hope.

And recently we’ve added one more item to the Toddler’s collection, a solid oak stool, personalised with his names from Clean Cut Wood.

This indestructble tristool is virtually indestructible thanks to the

chunky solid oak construction, with through-tenon leg joints and no screws, nails or other fixings.


Which is reassuring as my boy is a fiddler, climber and investigator but being on the slightly heavier side means he’s not carting it around the house to reach things which have been purposefully put out of his way. (We’ve learnt from experience!)

A gorgeous solid oak personalised oak stool from Clean Cut Wood

At the moment, he’s using it as a reading corner, it’s just the right size to perch on without help and then a spot for me to sit and read his bedtime story. It’s made of such a quality that I have no qualms about breaking it either.

One unexpected surprise from this particular oak stool is that each time I walk into his bedroom, I’m greeted by a wonderful fresh wood aroma that only quality wood gives and enhances the quality feel of the room.

The only exception to this heirloom is that once he’s out grown it, instead of making it’s way into the loft with the rest of the boys bits and bobs, it’ll be easy to find a new spot in our home as it’s not limited to the nursery years. (By that I mean it’s not decorated in pastels or trains!)

Just an idea, if you’re heading to a christening, why not club together with some other invitees and get one of these gorgeous little stools as a gift. Much more unusual than the customary money box, photo album or teaspoon.

Don’t you think?

A gorgeous solid oak personalised oak stool from Clean Cut Wood


I was sent this time for my honest thoughts, I received no monetary compensation to write this review. 



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  1. Kris
    20th July 2016 / 7:26 am

    awww this is so cute! I love anything personalised 🙂

    • 20th July 2016 / 11:00 am

      So do I, it’s hard finding things for my boys though as they have quite unusual names

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