Sharing This Month’s Beauty Loves

Sharing This Month’s Beauty Loves

I thought it was high time I shared another of those ‘ god I love these products’ type posts to back up any real-life conversations I’ve been having lately (And if you’re one of those lucky few to catch one then here’s a reminder of our conversation ) I love hearing about new products from people who have tried them rather than being bamboozled by glossy magazine adverts, which I should probably admit, I haven’t bought in a very long, long time so that kinda throws clout behind my point; personal recommendation is king.

First up, I’m still very much in awe of Clinique and the difference it’s had on my skin since I switched to using it last November. My latest buy is their Even Better day time moisturiser, I use it with their 3 step routine (face wash, exfoliating toner & Dramatically Different moisturiser, then finish off with this wonder pot.I I chose this particular one as it has a 20 spf, ready for the amazing summer we’re going to have. (I’m feeling positive as I write this looking out at the glorious sun on my nearly there garden makeover.)

Sharing some of my beauty loves. This month it's all about Clinique (again), CYO, Essie and Masqd Beauty Tools.

Clinique Even Better moisturiser

In contrast to splurging on skincare, I try to balance out with makeup which is a little more purse friendly, which is why I’m loving the CYO range from Boots. I try to pare down my makeup during the summer and this Illuminating Mixing Cream is perfect for blurring (not concealing) imperfections and giving you a nice healthy glow. It gives a very subtle shimmer without making you look like the tin man, plus, it’s dirt cheap too, just mix it with your moisturiser or dab on your cheek bones halfway through the day for an instant pick me up.

Sharing some of my beauty loves. This month it's all about Clinique (again), CYO, Essie and Masqd Beauty Tools.

CYO Illuminating Mixing Cream

Sticking with CYO appreciation, if you use any eyebrow products then you’ll love their eyebrow Frame of Mind eyebrow sculpting pencil. I’m not feeling the love for the over exaggerated eyebrow look if I’m honest, but I do try keep mine looking groomed as well as filling in the gaps (accidental waxing session using Frown line patches, which I don’t want to talk about.) This double-ended pencil is perfect for having complete control over your look. I bought a much pricier Soap & Glory one which is no way as good as this one so don’t feel you’re missing out going for the cheaper option.

CYO Brow Sculpting Pencil

Another great find lately is ESSIE – Treat, Love & Colour nail strengthener. I just can’t grow my nails, I’ve tried and failed spectacularly, so this is my final push at going from drab to fab. You put a coat on every day then remove after 5 days and start over again. I like wearing nail varnish to distract from my old lady hands and I really, really like the idea that this is benefiting my nails rather than ruining them.

Sharing some of my beauty loves. This month it's all about Clinique (again), CYO, Essie and Masqd Beauty Tools.

Essie Treat Love & Color

Finally, if you follow my Instagram Stories, you may have noticed Masqd makeup brushes cropping up a few times now. I’ve been meaning to replace my ancient miss-matched set for donkeys years, I had one Old Favourite which was hanging by a thread (literally hanging, I had been sellotaping it together) but the day finally came to admit they’d seen better days and were knicked off the scene by the Face Set and Finishing Set (available from Boots.) I’m still to master the art of contouring (not sure I ever will, or if women of a certain age should even attempt it?) but if that aged old saying about ‘rights tools for the right job’ ever applied it does right now. These brushes have revolutionaised my make up routine, I’m putting foundation on with a brush now like a proper make up wearing person!

On that note, I’m off to slap on some Illuminating cream for the school run in the hope it distracts from my ‘winging it with a scruffy, dry shampoo’d plat’.

I’m hoping the sun will bounce off my shimmering cheekbones as I chase my 3-year-old out of the school gates under the utterances of “maybe she’s born with it?”

Sharing some of my beauty loves. This month it's all about Clinique (again), CYO, Essie and Masqd Beauty Tools.

Masqd Beauty tool


While I have been gifted some of the products (not all) this is my honest opinion in no way influences what I have written. All photography is my own.


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