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Service with a smile at The Loft, Sidmouth

It’s Saturday morning, you wake up feeling, mmm, peckish.
Not ‘what’s in the cupboards I’m hungry’ peckish.

Indulgent peckish.

Spoil yourself and throw caution to the wind peckish.
The peckish that a bowl of Weetabix or even a Saturday morning bacon buttie can’t cure. 
You need good quality, tasty grub that only a trip to a restaurant will do.

Yes, that’s the one.

Well this was exactly how Hubby and I were feeling one grey, groggy morning. So off we drove to our favourite seaside town, Sidmouth. We had brunch on the brain and nothing else would do.

Now anyone who has a baby and dog will understand it takes military planning to get out the house so we knew we were pushing it to make it on time for last brunch orders but we struck gold that day when we stumbled upon a hidden gem we’d never been to before, The Loft.

Hidden between two un assuming shops, lurking like a private member’s club. Like Sidmouth’s very own Platform 9 3/4, blink and you’ll miss it. Yet there’s no reason why it should be hidden away. 

We climbed the stairs to be greeted by a helpful, cheery chap who, on hearing our pleas for brunch, checked with the chief and obliged.
Now I’m not sure  at this point, whether to begin by describing the meal or the decor as both were simply fab. While we checked out the menu and tried to hold conversation, our gaze kept falling on our quirky surroundings.

From the Lyle’s Treacle cutlery holders, to the vintage Women’s Own magazines, there’ plenty of conversation starters. Even our bill came served in an old sweet tin hidden with jelly beans. Who 

needs chocolate mins when jelly beans are in the offering.
I was captivated! 

A friendly chat with the owner, we found out that all their food is locally sourced, which is reflected in the taste. After 9 months of ‘no runny egg hell’ I opted for Eggs Royal and wasn’t disappointed at all, it was almost worth the pregnancy induced extended wait. Hubby and Tween ordered their man and mini man brunches and weren’t disappointed. 

But you know what makes a restaurant trip all the more special? 
For me, it’s the welcome. 

Knowing you’re a valued customer is the Piece de resistance in any encounter and that’s exactly how we were made to feel. The atmosphere was so warm and relaxing, nothing was too much trouble and warm, friendly banter was prevalent. The good food a bonus. Even Baby R and Tween got some attention. 

We left that morning with warm glows and full bellies, knowing we’d return.

I received no incentive for this review, it was just a really nice meal that I wanted to share! See for your self  click here



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