A Secret Santa organised by Meadow Kids

A Secret Santa organised by Meadow Kids

Being self employed, taking part in a secret Santa is completely naff, I can’t even justify treating myself in the name of a Christmas bonus when I have so many other people to buy for. So in the name of all things festive, I’ve taken part on a kiddy’s one organised by Meadow Kids. All those who took part were paired up with another blogger and encouraged to study your partner’s blog to help choose a gift for their children. As parent it really is all about the kids so I take real delight in seeing my kids opening presents.

There’s a lot of firsts going on for the toddler at the moment, he had his first Christmas last year but this week he’s been to a toddler group Christmas party, amazed at the turning on of our tree lights, tried his hand a decorating it, over and over and over again and even met the big man him self. Needless to say his little mind is in over drive so naps and sleeping has been a little hit and miss.

I’m trying to stick to his bedtime routine just to maintain some sense of familiarity which leads me perfectly on to how my secret Santa partner has managed to choose the perfect gift. Bath times have always taken place after dinner and before bed, but lately I’ve noticed he’s getting a little bored with the few little toys he has. Emptying any bottles in reach is sooooo much more fun, so I made a conscious note to get him a bath toy for his stocking.

And in a spooky turn of events, that’s exactly what arrived in my secret Santa package!

Taking part in a secret santa organised by Meadow Kids

A perfect fiddling and building activity for an inquisitive toddler, the floating treasure island playset he received takes his bath time fun to the next stage.  It’s already had it’s maiden voyage and been rearranged by the toddler’s helpful big brothers, while shown him how to place the different pieces in the slots.

meadow kids secret santa

(There was also a cheeky box of chocolates which my older boys and I polished off so happy days for all!)

To my secret Santa, whoever you are, thank you!

meadow kids secret santa


we were invited to take part in a secret Santa organised by Meadow Kids who very kindly provided the gifts



  1. 18th December 2015 / 8:39 pm

    Aw how lucky and what a wonderful thing to take part in 🙂
    Chocolates as well, your secret santa was a sweetheart I think
    X X

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