A Scruffs Men’s Expedition Tech Jacket | Reviewed.

A Scruffs Men’s Expedition Tech Jacket | Reviewed.

Are you #SCRUFFSENOUGH? Errrr, come again?

Let me explain; Scruffs workwear is a brand which amongst other thing make some pretty hardcore workwear. My husband has very manual job which requires clothing which can live up to anything from climbing trees to building and plumbing and has been wearing Scruffs workwear for many years.

He also has the pleasure of walking our bonkers spaniel in all weathers, usually along the Jurassic coastline where the biting winds and howling rain don’t seem to bother him too much, but being the good wife which I am, asked him to test out a Scruffs Expedition Tech jacket is the least I can do.  (and to ensure he keeps doing those stormy weather walks without even the slightest grumble) Having said that, I’ve got my teenage son to model it as he drew the line at striking some serious poses.

A review of the men's Expedition Tech jacket from Scruffs workwear.

A lightweight jacket with a waterproof membrane ensures he has the best protection when walking and working outdoors. As with any physical activity, being both breathable and thermal brings the best of both worlds. There’s also several pockets (I’ve counted 8) for his phone, small tools, doggie bags and pager as well as hanging loops for pens and anything else he needs feels fit to hang  but the creme de la creme for him was the complimentary torch which he gleefully found hidden away!

A review of the men's Expedition Tech jacket from Scruffs workwear


The hood lining threw us a little as at first, I thought it was leopard print but on closer inspection we realised was camouflage and compliments the orange flashes on logos and hood ties. Priced at £84.99, a price which I think reflects the quality and features, after all you’ll want something which lasts a while if you’re shelling out. Daz is a few weeks into testing out his new jacket and so far, so good. Believe me, he’s not able to be precious about what he does when he’s wearing it, so that’s testament to it being up to the job!

So thats brings me to my original question, “Are you ScruffS enough?”

If you (Scruffs also sell women’s clothes) or your man lead a busy outdoor life, if you find your self out and about in all weathers and you’re looking for something to withstand the wind, rain, snow and wind, leaving you can get on a do what ever you it is you need doing, then you’re #SCRUFFSENOUGH and it’s only right you have the right clothing to suit.

Right tools for the right job and all that!

A review of the men's Expedition Tech jacket from Scruffs workwear


I was sent a Scruffs Jacket for the purpose of this review, all words and pictures are my own 

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