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Screen Free School Summer Holiday Day 1

I’ve set myself a mission to only have one paid activity a week.

For regular blog readers you’ll already be familiar with my list of things to do with older children, so yesterday my Dear Children and I consulted with our net Netmums summer planner. This often opens up a ‘discussion’ as to what to do & when and after many tense negotiations we all (ok,I) opted for Geocaching.
Now this is a completely new & alien idea to me so like any modern mum, (who pretends to her children that yes, she does have an infinite knowledge base in her head, it’s just needs to connect to wifi to operate & just so happens to also be called Google,) I surfed the web for answers.

A few clicks and a free downloaded app later and we were on our way looking for our cache. I wasn’t entirely sure what we were looking for until Dear Teenager piped up & declared that a couple of years ago he and his Scout Troupe had hidden a few around My Little Corner of East Devon. (Now he tells me!) so with this new snippet of information we were on the lookout for a box wrapped in camouflage material.
Easy, or so I thought.
 2 hours later, covered in nettle rashes after lots of failed attempts of rummaging around in hedges (don’t ever try geocaching in Fitflops and vest tops, there was no mention of the need for protective clothing in the googles sphere), a few nail biting moments of Teenager thinking he’d hidden his scout Geocach in the cliff edge of the Jubilee Gardens  and trying to ignore the obvious fact my Children were bored & pinning for their Nintendo ds & Xbox, I admitted defeat. 
We’d failed at Geo caching & worse, my idea.
So we were left with plan B, home made skittles. An idea that we got from my Sainsbury’s summer activities book. Hubby has spent the last week buying small fizzy drinks bottles all in the name of our home made skittles, (well that’s what I’ve been lead to believe) and we finally had enough for a game.

Next step was to fill each bottle with water & add a few drops of different food colouring to each.
Dear Child then came up with the idea of each bottle having a different score & the yellow one (which for the purpose of top points, we named gold) was the big 100.

As a mum who worries about they’ll forever be supporting & bailing out their children way past the fledgling years, any opportunity to educate is always welcome. ( I also have 2 teachers in the family so  educational opportunities are ingrained in our family tree, they’re probably marking my grammar in this post as they read)  Without even realising they was doing it, and with an excuse that my brain was too old to hold big numbers for any given length of time, my boys were partaking in a maths lesson by having to add up their own scores.
We used 2 balls from a boules set we had but tennis balls would work just as well.


I can’t rate this homemade skittles game enough. It brought out the healthy competitiveness in us all, and I like to think that because it was made by their own fair hands, it added to the fun.
Hope it gives you some ideas to do in the holidays, now I just need to find an activity that requires several empty bottles of cider.

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