Scooter Tips and Tricks from Halfords

Scooter Tips and Tricks from Halfords

It’s no secret in my village that my boys are skateboard mad, the tell-tale sign of the school run is often the rumbling sound of skateboard wheels bombing down the hill to catch the bus. They’ve been given the road safety ground rules and after a few teething problems, have learnt to respect the other road users. But it was the humble scooter which first stole their get there quicker hearts. Starting off with basic 3 wheelers then progressing on to more stunt worthy ones.

I’ve always encouraged them to active, making sure than we’ve always got out in the fresh air everyday, even now the teenager takes himself off for a skate when he’s bored, and it’s part of the course of learning a new skill, that we’ve also witnessed some epic tumbles but they’ve usually jumped back up, dusted themselves down and carried on.

That’s how they learn not to do it again!

So if you’ve got a budding scooter enthusiast in the mix, and to ease the blow from any scooter based accidents, Halfords have produced the following on teaching them new tricks and keeping safe at the same time. (and from a personal point of view, all the safety times mentioned have featured in my boy’s Christmas stockings at some point over the last few years!)Scooter tips and tricks for your child, with safety advice.


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  1. Deand
    22nd December 2015 / 8:29 pm

    Very cool. Love the infographic. Got a scooter for my daughter this holiday. Want to be able to show her how it is done. This guide will certainly help. Thanks!

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