Saturday Banana Smoothies

It’s Saturday and that means only one thing in the Nutshell crib. 

If you’re wondering why that’s worthy of capital letters AND an exclamation mark, it’s because they’re so damn, flippin, yummy and healthy at the same time which is a rare find in the world of a cake-a-holic like moi.
Plus it means Tween & Teenager don’t start the day fighting over the last of the high sugar, crappy cereal I bought at the beginning if the week. 
So, my lovely blog readers, I’m sharing this very exclusive & special recipe which you can always try and pass as a Golden Arches Banana thick shake if your children protest at the lack of additives. 
You need
A couple of over ripe / brown bananas
Runny honey

(plus a freezer and blender)
And that’s it. 
The secret is to chop and freeze the bananas a day before. Ok, so it takes a bit if forward planning, but my freezer is never short if an old Indian takeaway carton full of frozen bananas now. As soon as a banana shows a hint of brown, they’re banished to the freeze. 

Half fill 2 glasses with milk


Chuck both in a blender with 2 table spoons of the honey. 

Blitz in the blender for a couple of minutes. 
 (you can use a stick blender if you don’t have one like this. )

And pour into the glasses. 

Thick, yummy, healthy (starting to sound like the perfect man) start to the weekend. 
With love from lovely Devon

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