Reviewing the Slimy Factory from Science4you

Reviewing the Slimy Factory from Science4you

Yup, you read it right, a Slimy Factory. As a mum of boys that’s about as creative as it gets, as I glare longingly at the bath bomb sets, perfume making kits and friendship bracelet making crafts that grace the older children’s crafting shelves, the reality of being Team Blue sets in. The days of sitting at the table cutting and sticking are long gone so if I want to get the Tween engaged in something creative a Slimy Factory is going to do it.

So as the weather took a turn for the worse it was time to see just what the Slimy Factory from Science4you  had in Store. As an educational and scientific toy it was a great relief to over come the mum guilt of not doing much in this area over the holidays. We usually write a summer diary but the last few years it’s become more of chore than a pleasure but since winning the science award in school, Tween was super excited to get stuck in.

Opening the box, he found goggles and gloves, result! He immediately thought something dangerous could happen, this is what life as a mum of boys looks like, the more dangerous the better. Is it any wonder I have grey hairs! So without even prompting he put on his safety gear and was ready to go. Checking there were no Bunson burners lurking in the box 1st, I unpacked the bottles, pippets and measuring cups. It looked the real deal and would require Tween to test out so many learning and developmental skills from using fine motor skills to control the pippet, carefully adding the right ingredients and maths while measuring out the right amount of water.

reviewing the Slimy Factory from educational toys Science4you, fun and learning based around ket stage 2

With several ‘experiments’ to carry out, he started by making a bouncy ball. It soon became clear that he needed to follow the instructions carefully and this wasn’t going to be a quick 10 minute activity. It kept him engaged for a good hour as we sat together working through the steps making a bouncy ball and then play dough. When it went wrong, he learnt a valuable lesson about taking his time to read and follow the instructions properly, loving that I couldn’t take over as HE was the one wearing the gloves and glasses. My role was a gentle guide, no touching!

using the Slimy Factory from Science4you, an educational toy based around key stage 2

With an rrp of £19.99 it’s good value considering what comes in the box and how many hours of fun and active learning can be had. It’s quite difficult finding rainy day activities to do with older boys especially with the lure of technology and I’m all for bringing learning to the home environment in a fun interactive way. I’m just working out now how I can convince Tween to try out the Candle or Soap Factory from the Science4You range.

reviewing the slime factory by Science4you, a fun and educational game for children in key stage 2


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