Review for Funky Giraffe Personalised Bibs

I remember seeing the first bandana bib a few years ago and commenting to the baby’s mum that it was a fab idea, how much nicer it looked than a normal bib and how they weren’t around in my baby Mamma days.

As proof, I’ve got many photos of my teething toddlers with soggy tops. As an image conscious mum I didn’t want to cover their carefully thought out clothes with a boring old bib, even when needs must but on occasions when the dribbles were out of control, the bibs I used needed constant changing and offered very little protection, or were the plastic backed ones that left teething rashes under their chins.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m once again a baby Mamma, only this time my little dribbler has a collection of bandana bibs of as his wardrobe staple. I’d heard about Funky Giraffe bibs through other mums so hopped on the web and bought a couple of designs as presents as well as stocking up ready for  Baby R. They run a fab promotion of 5 bibs for £11.25 or 10 for £20, believe me you will need this many or you could use them, like I have done, as presents. (I prefer to give a little present like this rather than spend the money on a card personally.)

They’re 100% cotton with a polyester, fleece backing to soak up the dribble. This is what sets them aside from other bibs, and as there are so many different designs to choose form you can easily accessorise with different outfits or use them to jazz up a plain top.

As I was already familiar with the brand,when the opportunity came up to test out their new personalised bibs I jumped at it. Although I was delighted to hear that Baby R’s name had made it into the top 100, all be it as a new entry, (This is a first for us as our other children’s names are never likely to make it on there.) I knew the chances of it ever appearing on a pencil or mug in a gift shop are relatively slim. So the idea of a personalised service is super appealing, throw in the fact Dad Nut Shell (please don’t ever tell him that’s his pseudonym!) is revisiting a Batman obsession, i thought about combining the two to create the perfect Dad worthy bib.

The website
Finding the personalised bib section was easy, using the personalised link page on the home screen. That might sound obvious, but sometimes just navigating a website to find these extra features is a chore in it’s self.
From there I chose the personalised bandana bibs section and then followed the tabs either side to make my selection. It took a bit of playing around and I found it difficult at first trying to customise the designs, as I wasn’t reading the instructions properly so had to restart a few times, but once I’d got the hang of it, it was easy. 

You can use the templates or have a play around and create your own using the images they have and editing your own text. I liked the fact that you could change the text font, colours and size as well as adding extra moveable text boxes. 

If you find the editing options too difficult you can switch to the basic mode which is just text but can still be personal to you. I had a play with both and found the former easy enough, once I’d stopped being so over keen and started paying attention to the instructions!

My bandana bib

A few days later my personalised bib landed on my door step, wrapped securely in a logo printed Funky Giraffe mail bag. Inside was my own piece of art work, which  I was very proud of! (Credit where credits due, It’s been a while since I had any handy work to show off!) 

The material is lovely and soft on both sides, the 2 sets of nickel free poppers mean Baby R won’t out grow it too quickly and I can report that survived half a day of raspberry blowing practise with out soaking through, thanks to the fleece backing. 

I’ve washed it a couple of times now and it still looks like new, which is great as I can see it being a favourite in our bandana collection. 

The verdict
The personalised bibs are a little more expensive but at the £5 mark, I think it’s worth it. They would make a fab new baby, Christmas (there are Christmas logos you can add) or a Christening present, especially if the baby has an unusual name.
You’re free to really go to town on what you write. 
There are also larger bandana bibs you can personalise for older children or adults. 

Baby R gives the thumbs up to Funky Giraffe 

With love from lovely Devon

Family Fever

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I received no payment for this review, Funky Giraffe gave me the opportunity to personalise a bib and sent it to me in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.