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How to Prepare Your Kids For A Holiday

How to Prepare Your Kids For A Holiday

I’m in the mood for a holiday, not a weekend break, a proper suitcase needing, executive planning holiday. But there’s just one thing which puts me off, the journey. Travelling with kids isn’t always easy. Whether you have a difficult youngster who tends to get bored easily or a teen who has a poor attitude about being around their parents in public, (I have all the above!) planning your ideal holiday can be a chore. But with these helpful tips below, you can help your kids to be excited about travelling with you, so continue reading to learn more.

Go Shopping for New Things Together

I’m lucky that all my boys are quite style conscious, it’s not always what I agree with but like my own parents who let me walk around head to toe in black for a few years, I don’t intervene. So taking them shopping for new clothes, accessories, and even new luggage is always a good way to get them in the holiday mood. Try to visit everything from your favourite department stores, to boutiques and shops like luggage stores London to find new things that you can take on your next trip. If your kids love to shop, this is a great way to get them excited about travelling with you and then use the opportunity to show them how to pack.

Research the Things That You Will Do Together

Many times, kids may not be excited about travelling because they don’t really see the point in leaving their friends and their favourite things and going to a new place. But if you can spend the time researching all of the fun things that your kids will be doing at the destination, they can start getting excited at the idea of taking a holiday far from home. Look up activities that are geared specifically towards kids, and show them the many sights that they will be able to enjoy during their journey.

holiday with kids preparations

Tailor the Journey for Your Kids

Another way to get your kids excited about travelling is by planning an entire day during which you will do only what they want to do. In this way, you can plan plenty of activities for yourself to enjoy and that your child will have to do with you, but your kids can also have a say in what they want to do for a day. Whether they want to go shopping, exploring wildlife parks, or seeing historical monuments, leave it up to them to do some research online and find some of the most interesting things to do at your destination.

Go Somewhere the Entire Family Will Love

If you are planning a trip to a place that your kids will not want to be in, they will be miserable the entire time. Therefore, make it a point to think about destinations that your kids will actually enjoy. Lounging on a beach all day may not be their cup of tea, but going to Disney World probably is, so try to find a destination that provides the best of both worlds and that will be satisfactory to the entire family. In this way, everyone will look forward to getting away and will be happy while away.

With the handy tips above, you can get your kids to look forward to their upcoming holiday away from home with you. Encourage them to participate in the planning process so that they feel like the holiday is also their chance to make lasting memories, rather than just a time for you to get away from it all.


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  1. 18th August 2016 / 6:01 am

    I know what you mean about being in the mood for a ‘proper’ holiday! No summer holiday for us this year as we await baby’s arrival so we have had several short breaks instead. Still, its more than many families get so I can’t complain. Our children and 6 and 9 now and the iPads are invaluable on long journeys – but practically banned once we arrive at our destination 😉

  2. 19th August 2016 / 5:02 pm

    Reading this makes me wish that we could go away again. We had such a fab holiday!

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