Plymouth Marsh Mills Beefeater | A Review

Plymouth Marsh Mills Beefeater | A Review

I’ve been happily meat free for 4 months now, sure there have been moments where I’ve cooked bacon sandwiches for my family, looking longingly at the crispy rinds as I placed them in the bread, quickly hiding them away. But all in all its been quite easy. So you’ll understand my predicament when an invite to review the newly refurbished Marsh Mills Beefeater in Plymouth, lands in my inbox.

I pondered for a while, wondering if I could give it the literally dissection it deserved or if the temptation would be too much to bear, if there’s one thing I’ve missed, it’s a pulled pork bap and this was sure to be on the menu.

So I reminded myself, Mum in a Nutshell is a family blog. Sharing all that’s going on that would interest families, and as I was the only vege in the house and that most of my readers were probably meat eaters too, I thought why not, plus even the hardened steak houses serve something suitable for those who’ve chose to shun the world or burgers and sausages.

So off we went on our weekend trip to Cornwall via the newly refurbished Beefeater restaurant, Marsh Mills, Plymouth.

A review of the Marsh Mills Beefeater in Plymouth, Devon a stylish and relaxing restaurant Decorated in muted tones of taupe, cream and orange, it gives a very modern and fresh feel as soon as you walk in. With a mixture of booths and tables along with quirky pictures and wall hangings, I couldn’t help but have a chuckle to self at the constant reminder beef was on the menu, cows were subtly cropping up everywhere.

Staff were very welcoming, bringing balloons and crayons to the table when the Toddler decided it was too boring to be sat in a high chair! I think someone else was having more fun with the colouring in pages mind.

A review of the Marsh Mills Beefeater Restaurant

The kids Mr Men themed menu was good value with a 3 course meal costing £5.99. Despite Tween protested the sizes wouldn’t be enough more him, after his nachos and cheese starter, followed by a steak burger in a brioche bun with a side of skinny fries and corn on the cob, by the time it came to his chocolate challenge pudding he admitted he was stuffed and struggled to finish the marshmallows giving me the perfect opportunity to tell him the meaning of ‘eyes bigger than your belly!’

A review of the Marsh Millls Beefeater restaurant in Plymouth Devon

A child’s steak burger, fries and for on the cob, £5.49 

A review of the Beefeater restaurant in Marsh mills Plymouth

10oz rump steak was £13.79, peppercorn sauce was 99p extra

The Husband and Teenager went with tradition opting for a 8 oz fillet steak.

While I settled for a cod and chips.

Cod and Chips cost £11.49

The food was delicious with not a scrap left between us. The wait wasn’t  too long either and staff were always available  for extra drinks requests. The whole meal set us back £67.31 and it was only after checking my receipt later that I noticed we had been charged for the kids meal as separate items and not the advertised £5.99 on the menu unfortunately. It was a heafty price for a family of 4 and even with my husband ordering extra onion rings and found the portion size a little on the small side for him but with leftovers from the Teenager and myself he didn’t go hungry!

My only gripe was having to change Toddler on the disabled toilet floor after not being able to find a changing station. It wasn’t too much of a problem though as everywhere was spotlessly clean. I’m not sure if Beefeater are aiming for the family market, the high chairs and booster seats suggests they are family friendly along with the welcome from the staff, so I was surprised that a drop down changer wasn’t available.

All in all, it was a lovely, family meal, tasty food in relaxing modern decor with a welcoming feel.



We received a discount on our meal to review this restaurant, however all opinions are entirely my own. 


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