How To Plan A Stress Free House Move

How To Plan A Stress Free House Move

With each new year comes plans.

My own are relatively small scale; keep fit, be more organised, be more positive. Years past we started the year planning holidays, adding an extra troup member to the family (after years of ‘shall we, shan’t we’) and started on a house renovation. Some people, however, are planning BIG changes right now. My own little brother and his fiance are starting on their wedding plans which I’m totes excited about and maybe you’ve decided to find a new humble abode.

With spring being the best time of the year for house sales, so our last estate agent told me, although they said many things that were an elaboration on the truth,  let’s not go there though But I can imagine that once Christmas is out the way, people do feel more refreshed and ready to take on the mammoth task of moving house.

Trying to plan a stress free house move isn’t easy, it’s often compared to the stress of divorce, so anything which can alleviate that stress is handy. My own tactics included being out of the house as much as possible so it stayed tidy! Hiring a removal company to help on the actual moving day is another more beneficial thing you could do.

A good one will do as little or as much as you need, with the ultimate benefits of hiring a local removals company is getting them to do that actual packing, saving time and stress while you take care of the legalities and official things.

When doing your research it’s worth having a prompt of times to enquire about while you’re shopping around, such as;

Staff: Local removal companies should have qualified and trained staff who should be happy to advise and support where needed. You don’t want to be the one project managing the move day, telling them how they should be doing their job. That’s one stress you won’t need.

Vehicles: Check to see if their  vehicles are up to the job and  specially designed for removals. They should be equipped with special lifts and loading ramps suitable for the local area and more importantly, getting your goods on and off safely.

Costs: make sure you get a solid quote in writing before you agree anything, and shop around in advance.

Documentation: Removals companies offer documented contracts that bind within the law and can help in-case of any misunderstanding or through legal processes.

Packing services: As mentioned above, some removals can offer this service, offering comprehensive and professional packing services disassembling and re-assembling

Packing materials: Check how they move clients goods from A-B. Some will have boxes, cartons and containers designed to transport as well as wrapping materials (packing paper, bubble wraps,) moving blankets for easy unpacking and allocation

One extra tip I use for anyone who I hire to do a job around my home, be it builders, plumbers or the man who cleans the windows, offer refreshments. Gratitude is nearly always rewarded and it just makes everyone a little chirpier and the day a little sweeter.



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