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One Toddler & A Beanbag | Living Arrows

You know that situation where you’ve just clocked what’s happened and your initial reaction is noooooooooo!

But then you see the bigger picture, the positive that lurks in every scenario, the silver lining for want of a better phrase.

That was exactly what’s happening here.

The toddler rather cleverly worked out how to undo the zip on his brother’s bean bag this week. I say cleverly as this took some serious fiddling and fine motor control to get through not one, but two concealed zips. All in the space of the two, maybe three, could’ve been five minutes, but no more. We’ve learnt the hard way never to leave him un supervised, no matter how safe the situation may seem, for any longer than the time it takes for a quick wee and hand wash.

He knows when to strike you see, and any opportunity to investigate beyond his safety barriers usually occurs in said given unsupervised five minutes. Stealth and speed are his super power and the day this photo was taken that power was put to good use in exploring just what made the beanbag so squishy.

Now I’m a positive thinker, that’s my super power, so I hesitated for a moment before I ran to grab the vacuum cleaner, while uttering expletives under my breath. This was a boy who clearly craved some sensory play, who wanted to know what it felt like to dig your hands into a pile of tiny polystyrene balls so who was I to deny him a few moments of learning. (while keeping a watchful eye on any sneaky tasting attempts.)

Plus he’d never seen snow, never experienced that moment of watching white flakes fall before your eyes. Devon does not do weather very well, we’re really rather dull, so instead of rescuing the contents of the beanbag I joined in and showed my boy just what could be achieved by flinging those little balls all around.

And it was fun, really good fun.

Then I came to my senses, put my sensible mum hat back on,

and grabbed that vacuum cleaner.

what happens when you leave a toddler with good fine motor skills, alone with a beanbag for 2 minutes.

( And if you’d like to see the unedited version, here it is)



  1. 3rd April 2016 / 12:29 pm

    This made me laugh – sorry! It could have been worse – I’m thinking of all the kids left alone with Sudocrem… But it looks like he had a great time! I love that you took the time to film before cleaning up 🙂 x

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