One Less Mum Job Thanks To HP Instant Inks

One Less Mum Job Thanks To HP Instant Inks

I have a love hate relationship with my printer. It’s well used and much-needed but very temperamental. My biggest bug bear, other than having to lug it out of its hiding place each time I need it, is when I run out of ink. The whole process of trying to find a good deal online, making sure they deliver quickly and making sure I’ve ordered the right one takes precious time I simply can’t waste.

Quite often I’ve been enemy number one in the house because they boys have to print off their homework and seeing the familiar wishy-washy print out, have gone into panic mode. Then realising that I’m not as magic as they thought in not being able to fix it, needing someone to exercise said panic mode out on. I get the

why didn’t you realise it needed more ink?

“Errrrrrr because I was busy making sure you were fed, clothed and emotionally stable and quite simply, the printer is at the least of my priorities”

But in their eyes anything which isn’t DIY or Batman is mum’s job.

So one less thing to ignite a teenage meltdown is a welcome addition into Chez Nutshell. HP, as in the electronics market and not ketchup, must know this familiar scenario as they’ve come up with the idea of instant ink. Saving you up to 70% on ink and making sure you never run out again, you buy an HP eligible printer, choose a monthly plan based on the number of pages you print, and get HP instant inks delivered right to your door.

You can find out more by watching this   HP instant inks YouTube video which explains a little more. I think it’s safe to say my printer is on his last warning and the minute it starts showing signs of malfunction as the thought of one less mum job is so appealing!


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