OMG How Adorable Is This Toddler Tuxedo! 

OMG How Adorable Is This Toddler Tuxedo! 

Hands up who loves to get glammed up for crimbo (Me!)  Think dress, high heels, fancy pants hair; you get the picture. If you can’t watch movies in a sassy dress at 3pm in the afternoon when can you? And this year my toddler very nearly chaperoned me to the dinner table in the most adorable tuxedo suit EVER if it wasn’t for a Batman hoodie which I hated and he adored. Somethings just aren’t worth arguing over though so I packed away this bad boy ready for a major family wedding coming up in June where I’m sure he will coax oodles of  “awwwwww’s” from the guests  as he carries the rings for the lucky couple.

(Best hide the Batman hoodie that day)

Luckily it’s be made with a little one’s delicate skin in mind as the super soft material meant that there was no resistance getting it on. (We did have a major one getting it off as he assured me it would be the perfect attire for walking the dog. so I guess you could say it’s been toddler approved.) And the extra little details like the embroidered button and silk lapels give it a real quality edge, this one being modelled by my own little suit clad son is from House of Fraser .

We’ve just got to find a few more occasions to go to as it really is the most cutest thing I’ve seen this year. But if  a black tux is not thing and you’re looking ahead to any occasions which require your toddler getting suited and booted then here’s a pick of some other great ones out there right now from Roco Clothing, Marks and Spencer and Debenhams.

Serious cuteness overload….I KNOW!



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