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Natural Skincare, Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Natural Skincare, Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Have you ever given much thought to the idea that what you put on your body ends up in your body?

Well if you were anything like me, 12 months ago, the answers probably no.

My main aim, for the creams and lotions I slathered on my skin and hair was to either

a – hide wrinkle,

b – stop wrinkles getting worse


c – make it feel better.

As long as it did the job, then the long, scientific, mostly unpronounceable words were lost on me.

And then things changed, I changed. With the big 40 heading my way and a baby to take care of I started looking at changing my tried and tested skincare regime. I’d also watched a close friend struggle with an illness which robbed her of her energy and in the battle of recovery, she turned to alternative therapy and reduced the chemicals which flooded her lifestyle.

And as she explained why and how she was doing it, and I saw her recovery, I could see that there was proof in the pudding, so to speak.

So I thought why not? Maybe my family and I could benefit from making a change. So out went the bleach and in came the more eco, less chemical, cleaning products. And that was where it all began.

My house felt better without the chemical smell and wasn’t any less clean. Things just made sense when I started exploring it further. I’d noticed slight chest tightness when using my normal cleaning products, a reaction from the chemicals in my lungs no doubt. I was starting to follow a more clean living path and keeping the benefits more and more.

I looked at what else I could swap to maintain this more natural way of life for my own curiosity and the benefit of my children. And as luck would have it I took on a new client who’s business centered around natural body care using pure essential oils as well as natural oils and butters. It was as if fate had offered me a try this card, who was I to resist? 

first to really see the benefits was my poor teenage son. His skin was riddled with cystic acne, and every few  months we traipsed back to the Dr’s for stronger creams with strong side effects. We’d tried everything, diet, reducing stress every ointment in the shelf. Nothing. He had nothing to lose trying the natural, essential oil based face washes. (We used Oleo Gentle Face Wash if you’re wondering

The results were remarkable.

I’d found my answer, he needed a gentle solution to let his skin repair. The polar opposite at where we’d been going. Something which wouldn’t irritate him and would calm the redness.

If it works for him, surely the more natural route would work for me? My eczema on my hands was a constant these days, but my only treatment was a strong hydro cortisone which thinned the skin and made it even more susceptible.

So I let my skin heal, your body’s a remarkable thing and given the chance, it’ll do you good. Out went the strong creams and I switched to a 100% natural intensive cream called All You Need Is Me by True Organic. It ‘s made from castor oil, beeswax, olive oil, shea butter, vitamin E and blueberry seed oil. Nothing else.

Next on my switch list was to introduce a natural deodorant.My biggest leap of faith yet! But seeing the success of the face wash and dry skin treatment I was confident it would work. While not blocking the sweat glands completely knowing that it worked using a natural mineral salt to prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria in a natural. Sodium Bicarbonate (the only non-natural oil)  and baking soda to absorb odours as well as essential oils. I knew I was making the right decision.

I used both Oleo’s Fresh & Fruity  and True Organic of Sweden’s Under Cover Agent’s roll on’s, both with excellent results.

Or at least no one’s complained or refusing to stand too close!

Is natural skincare all its cracked up to be? Heres my thoughts;

Then word got out, I was on the turn. I’d tried it for medical reasons, feel good reasons, but what about look good reasons. That had to come into it somewhere. And it did, in the shape of organic, simple shampoo and conditioner. My long crazy mane was joining the fun. But surely nothing could tame it like my usual.

And here’s where I saw the immediate effects; lighter softer hair which wasn’t weight down by chemicals. I’d been doing it wrong all these years. Don’t ask me how or why, all I can say is that the DGJ Organics Colour Save range made it feel good.

This was all the proof I needed that I was making the right decision. I’d reduced the chemical’s going into my bloodstream and gained more energy in the process.

So if you’re ever wondering if natural skin care is all it’s cracked up to be, take it from a novice and newly converted like me. It is.

I won’t bang on about all the other healthy benefits,(do pop them in the comments if you already know, I’d love to find out more)

All I can tell you is that they do work, and I feel better both emotionally and physically for doing it.

True story.


I have been included some products which were sent to try out  as well as some which I’ve bought myself. All of which I have seen positive results and have no way influenced my decision to share. 


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