My Weekly Smile List

It’s that time of the week again when I set the positivity vibe into my blogging head. It’s not hard as I love loosing my thoughts to Mum in a Nutshell. On a gloomy Autumn afternoon, while Baby R sleeps,  it’s escapism to my happy place. 

Before I get bullet pointing, I’d like to say a huge thank you once again to You Baby, Me Mummy for brightening up my Friday morning with her tweet, letting me know I’m one of her feature list blogs of the week. 
I’ve been spending a lot of time reading other blogs and it sometimes feels like I’ve just started reception class, looking up at all the big grown up blogs. You Baby, Me Mummy’s message was just the prod I needed to be brave and keep on going, thank you! 

So here goes, 
This week’s smile list.

  • Baby R rolling over from his back to his front.
  • Giving Tween’s bedroom a super hero makeover
  • Being You Baby Me Mummy’s list link up feature blogger!
  • Selling Teenagers Xbox one (at his request) so he can build a gaming PC for his computer GCSE and putting him in an amazingly good mood. 
  • Finally being able to fit into my pre pregnancy pj’s and having a matching pair. 
  • Arranging half term get together with my sister who lives too far away for my liking. 
  • Finding out my brother is a Blogger. 
  • My husband bringing me home brownies (the edible sort, not a bunch if young girls.) 

Wow, and I thought I’d had a mundane week! 

So, in the words of Heather Small,  what have you done lately up make you feel proud? 

With love from lovely Devon 

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