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My Week That Was

Wow, it’s really starting to feel like Autumn.
 After our Indian summer I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever get our log burner going this side of Christmas. We’re lucky enough not to get the brunt of the cold weather ‘down ‘yer in Devon’ but I do get the odd pangs of jealousy when my middle England based sister sends me photos of her snow engulfed garden and tells tales of taking her children to school on the sledge. Snow is a rare thing in the West Country, I’ve even tried taking the boys sledging on thick frost once!

So what have I been doing this week?

Monday is our food shop day and this week Baby R and I braved the aisles which resulted in a crazy amount of impulse buying taking my shop £30 over budget and yet as I write this 4 days on, we still don’t seem to be any the better for it food wise. Even with my menu plan for the week and corresponding shopping list, I’ve now got 8 tins of baked beans in the cupboards but nothing for dinner tonight.
Damm those special offers.
Our dinner today was Salmon cooked in Cajun sauce with shallow fried gnocchi, baby sweetcorn, sugar snap peas and asparagus. I’ve been getting inspiration from the Tesco’s Food magazine for this week’s meals.

On Tuesday I invited my Mum round for lunch to get her opinion on a roasted butternut squash and sweet potato soup which I made last week (then froze, ready for her return from sunnier climates.)
Dinner consisted of (more ) butternut squash and chicken pie, made with Sunday’s left over roast chicken and Quorn for me. I’ve been passed on the skill of using every scrape of left over food from Mum. (She didn’t earn her Bargain Bev title for nothing!)
It was very excited to do our BritMums Angel Delight challenge in the evening. It’s been lovely reminiscing on my 80’s childhood as it’s a desert I haven’t eaten for years. Look out for the post on how we did next week.

By Wednesday I’d come to the conclusion that Baby R is an outdoorsy baby. Since his last developmental leap (I thoroughly recommend the Wonder Weeks app and book) he gets bored being in the house for too long so we’re getting out and about on lots of Autumn walks.

I’m finding that being at home on maternity leave means that I’m wanting to redecorate everything. I’ve revamped Tween’s bedroom already and this week was the turn of the living room.

It’s amazing how a pair of new curtains and a couple of cushions can transform a place!

I got the dreaded day time call from school in the afternoon, Tween had an accident and needed collecting. Que an Italian Job style dash round the village to find him with a nice bump on his eye. After lots of cuddles on the sofa, this left me with little time to prepare dinner so it was a quick Swedish meatballs and spaghetti ditty tonight. (otherwise known as It’s a Dolomite day!) 

On Thursday I woke to find Tween with a shiner so no school as I didn’t want him knocking it again. We had a quiet day drinking hot chocolate and walking the dog while Baby R shouted at us and tried devouring anything that came within mouths reach. The dribbles and grumbles can only mean one thing in my experience, teething. 
When I had full use of both arms, I marinated some pork ribs in BBQ sauce for dinner in the hope of replicating hubby’s favourite meal at Centrer Parcs. I’m still on a mission to convince him I make the perfect stay at home mum but it’s funny how things don’t taste the same when you cook it yourself.  It was edible, in its own crispy way. 
Friday was super hero day in Tween’s school. Luckily his shiner was hidden behind his spiderman mask. We hot footed it down to the Cliff top gardens where the whole school were meeting to start the annual walk to school day.  What a sight to see; 100+ super heroes walking up though the street! Unfortunately due to child protection rules I didn’t take a photo, but here’s a taster;

To fit in with the theme of the day Tween and  I put together a super hero packed lunch. 

I’m thinking of making this a regular thing as it was the first time nothing came home!

I finished the week off my adding my own domain name to my blog. This was no mean feat! After googling lots of technical tips from other blogs I managed to convert to  It meant I lost all my comments from previous posts (apologies to anyone I’ve not replied to.) but at least I now have blog address that I can remember!

So there you have our week that was, in a nutshell. 
With love from lovely Devon

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