My week that was Halloween special!

So much has happened over the half term break that it’s too much to write in one post.

After a quick change of plans my sister, niece and nephews travelled down from Oxford to spend a few days with us. Our children get on fantastically and Tween, in his usual beyond excited state, started the count down to their arrival as soon as he walked out of the school gates.
We spent our time preparing for an amazing Halloween party hosted by my mum, walking our dogs and at the local tourist attraction, Pecorama, letting off steam, s’cuse the pun, Peco’s a model railway attraction with amongst other things a mini ride on train.

By Thursday afternoon they’d headed home, leaving behind an unsettling sense of quiet, It’s always such a horrible feeling when they go.

Early Friday morning Teenager went off on a school trip for the weekend leaving Tween and I to show Baby R the trick or treating ropes. There was a crazy amount of children roaming the streets this year so by 7:30pm and 80 bars of chocolate later, we were sat in the dark pretending to be out as we’d run out of treats! 
Any way,  it’s a short and sweet week in pictures this week as I’ve just realised that Tween’s back at school tomorrow and I haven’t got anything ready! 
How many weeks til Christmas? 
Tween & Baby R, Getting to know his big cousin I, Tween & his cousin at the beach and Teenager & Tween pumpkin carving
Mum’s Halloween party
Our big spooky ghost F 

Baby R & big cousin B sharing a Halloween moment.  

With love from lovely Devon

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