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My week that was

It’s been a quiet week in the Nutshell crib.

Rainy days have put rest to a few of my plans but I’m not complaining. Baby R is still exercising a cot protest so the rest has been welcomed with open arms. This is what we’ve been up to, in a nutshell.
I opted for a home delivery shop this week after seeing Mondays weather forecast. One of the lows of living by the sea is when it’s wet and windy, wrestling a shopping trolley in a car park with only one row of houses between you and the English Chanel is difficult to say the least, especially with a baby in tow.
Feeling all Nigella, I baked and cooked today. In need of some healthy food to combat Hubby’s work do hangover. I made a butternut squash and sweet potato soup. I’ve blogged the recipe so look out for it next week. I also made a disastrous Victoria sponge which I covered with runny icing (ran out if icing sugar) and hundreds and thousands.
I haven’t blogged that one.
I spent a lovely afternoon with aunts, uncle and cousins celebrating my Auntie’s birthday. I come from a very close family where most of us live within 20 minutes of each other and only a scattering of others around the country. (Oh and a few Canadians and Americans thrown in as well!) We had the delight of being entertained by my cousin’s youngest being fed marshmallow by his grandad with hilarious results.
I guess you could call it a full sensory experience and he was a willing participant!
Now Baby R is over his 4th Wonder Week leap, I’ve noticed he gets bored quicker especially when we’re rained off and couped up inside. Even my singing (for distraction and entertainment) has it’s time limits. So in the afternoon we took ourselves off on a Pinterest dog walk round the village, taking lots of photos of my lovely Devon village to share with my emerging Pinterest followers.
Swim day! We’ve started baby swimming lessons. Living by the sea, I’ve always made sure my children can swim, but Baby R is the first to try baby lessons. It involves bobbing around the pool singing nursery rhymes and dunking them under the water. The latter sounds a little cruel and if I’m honest, I don’t join in with every submersion, but the idea that it might pay off and create an Olympic swimmer or at least ensure he’s safe on our long lazy days on the beach spurns me on. The hardest thing is remembering to de fuzz the night before, which in these leg and arm covering months is more difficult than it sounds.
I forgot this week and had to endure the walk of shame into the pool.
Teenager is off on a residential trip soon so today was spent shopping for the kit he needs.
While he went skateboarding. (At least he’s off his phone, I think.) not even the excitement of new clothes could bribe him away from his fellow skateboarding friends.
To make the experience more enjoyable, Hubby, Tween, Baby R and I did brunch in a little gem we stumbled upon in Sidmouth called The Loft. I had the most amazing Eggs Royale. After 9 months of no runny eggs hell, I grabbed the opportunity for someone else to cook me the runny poached kind. Hubby and Tween had a full and half Loft breakfast which came with a rather impressive sausage that they found highly amusing.
Baby R opted for breast milk and menu chewing.
The service was as good as the food so we’ll definitely return.

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