My Top 10 Baby Buys

Now Baby R is 5 months old I’ve had enough time to put everything I’ve beg, stole or borrowed,   bought, gifted or borrowed, through its paces.

So I thought it only fair to share what I’ve found fantabulous. 

  1. Tiny Love Symphony-in-motion cot mobile Baby R coos and smiles as soon as he sees it. The black and white patterns really grab his attention. It’s a shame it’s only recommended up until 6 months as he’ll miss it. This has been through 4 babies and is still going strong!
  2. Ewan the Dream Sheep. This fab sleep aid has got me through the wee small hours since he was a week old. It plays white noise, with a couple sounding womb like, (not that I can remember!) and a melody. It also has a very soft red glow. The ‘tunes last about 20 minutes before automatically switching off. 
  3. Garnier BB cream. This face cream has covered a multitude of sins accumulated through lack of sleep, hydration and just simply being on the wrong side of 30.
  4.  GroEgg. Perfect for keeping an eye on the temperature and so that I know what to dress Baby R in at night. The soft glow it gives off at night is just enough to check on him as well. 
  5. SleepyHead Deluxe bed nest. My best find. It helped Baby R settle in his crib and gave him a safe place to sleep when I brought him into our bed when he was tiny. It’s supposed to make them feel like their still being held. I’m using it with gro bags at night do there’s no danger of him wriggling under any covers either. Not that he moves much. He loves it. 
  6. Play gym. I was given a cheap and cheerful one and Baby R loves it. It’s given him the drive to reach out, grab and swipe. At the moment he uses it to pull him self on his tummy. It proves you don’t need to spend a fortune on some baby things.
  7. Cloth nappies. Much easier than I ever imagined real nappies would be. And look so cute on. I’m not brave enough to try them at night yet but I’ve been using them for 3 months now. 
  8. Baby Bjorn baby chair. Baby R loves the detachable bumper bar and looks so comfy in the organic cotton seat. It has 3 recline positions so has been in it since he was small. 
  9. Baby Hawk Mai Tei baby carrier. Really easy to put on, comfortable to carry in on long dog walks and carries Baby R in the right ergonomic position.
  10. Changing station. It’s the perfect height for nappy changing and post bath changing. I keep all my nappies underneath as well as Baby R’s bedding so it’s always within easy reach during middle of the night changes.

With love from lovely Devon
I received no incentive for this post. This is purely my own opinion.

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