My Smile List

I like to have a nose through other blogs and stumbled upon this one by You Baby Me Mummy, listing all the things she is grateful for. 

What a lovely idea, I thought. 

I’m an optimistic person but just like anyone else, sometimes my glass is half empty, so I’ve taken a few minutes to reflect on the little things that made me smile this week. 

• Tween arguing with the TV when they announce Britians best mum. “No it isn’t Mum, my mum is!” 
• Baby R giggling in the pool while we sang Humpty Dumpty. 
• Teenager making Baby R’s door bouncer higher because he was worried about him hurting his feet. 
• Rufus the dog walking nicely beside the pushchair instead of pulling it husky style. 
•Husband getting up early to walk Rufus on a wet & windy morning so Baby R & I didn’t get wet. 
• Hitting a 1000 followers on Twitter. 
• Catch up & giggles with my friend Sue.
• Managing to move a cot from the nursery to my bedroom all by myself. (No mean feat, it involved lots of sweating &swearing.) 
• Baby R learning to pull off his socks, then eating them. 
• Watching a Robin Reliant drive towards a hairpin bend with the anticipation that it might tip over. (Not that I’d really wish that to happen, but it the Top Gear version was hilarious.) 

Go on then, tell me what’s on your smile list? 

With love from lovely Devon





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